Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Colorado

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in Bailey, CO with Joe's dad Joe Sr., his step-mom Paula, great grandma Rita and brother Aaron. Leo was showered with attention, love and generosity and he was soaking it all up. Each day was better than the next and I do believe that Leo experienced some of the best days of his life. While in CO, he cut another tooth, started to rock back and forth in the crawl position and slept for 7.5 hours in a row one night.

The Morris family live in a log cabin about an hour or so outside of Denver and the scenery is breath taking. We enjoyed relaxing days just chilling with the family...eating great food, taking family walks and watching movies. Plus, Leo had a blast meeting his great grandma Rita (GiGi) and his uncle Aaron. He also loved hanging with his grandparents, who clearly adore him.

When we arrived, Leo was welcomed with a million hugs and kisses and a whole array of gifts. Leo now has a new toy horse he can ride named Butterscotch. He also received a Thanksgiving day outfit, a cool highchair, a blanket with his name on it, toys, food etc. It was awesome!

On the last day of our trip, we went to a cute little town called Evergreen. Leo loved cute little shops and flirted with all the shop workers. He also got an Elmo hat (a photo will be posted soon enough) and some cool new clothes too.

My favorite part of the trip was seeing my little boy in the presence of so many people who love and care about him. He is one very lucky young man.

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Deanna said...

I may be stating the obvious, but the B&W (or Sepia??) picture of him with the guitar and cowboy hat is just too precious!! I hope you frame that one!