Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick Update!

Rosalie update: Lots of teeth! Likes books. Non-stop eating machine, but still petite, Wakes up an hour after we put her to bed and wants to be held until we go to bed and then she joins us in the bed. Can understand simple sentences. Mommy's shadow. 

Somerset update: Loves making her ponies, dolls and herself clothing out of paper and cloth. Likes gymnastics. Learning how to read. Can Read Hop on Pop with assistance. Wants to start soap company with mom. Loves You Tube. Very creative. Like American girl dolls and dressing them up. Went to Disneyland for fist time! 

Leo update: Loves football. Is learning Spanish rapidly! Moved up to 3rd grade math. Almost a black belt. Likes fixing hair now. Loves the new Star Wars. Has new friends in school: Ammon, Grady and Derek. Loves playing Madden football on IPad. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Snow Day!

Vanessa and Leo. A new school can't keep them a part
Somerset really wants her ears pierced
Our new hamster, Parkerd

Rosalie's first experience with snow!

So much fun with our smow day! The perfect way to end our winter break!