Monday, October 13, 2014

Rosalie the Great!

I would be doing Rosalie a great disservice if I did not mention her legendary, epic. boo-hoo faces. She is so good natured, but sometimes when she is sad, or needs something, the lower lips turns down and she makes the saddest, most pathetic face ever...we always smile. Poor little baby!

Also, this sweet angel slept the night through 2 nights in a row! From anout 10 p.m. until 6:30 a.m. What a heavenly gift! What did we do to deserve this???? We took her out of the room. We moved her bassinet to the other end of the house in the play room and that was the key. As it turns out, we were probably keeping her up at night. Up until this point, I would have classified her as a horrible sleeper, getting up several times a night and wanting to use me as a human pacifier in the bed.

We have lots of fall fun.Somerset had her preschool field trip to Lee's Farm, which was tons of fun. She is developing many close friendships. He best friends are Ellie, Maya and Lee. She also has a boyfriend, Christian. As she explains it, she has 2 boyfriends, Lee and Christian....oh my!

I took Somerset to a Frozen party, where she was able to meet Elsa and Anna. That was a real treat. Somerset likes ponies more, but she is still a Frozen fan, as does every girl her age.

Leo is doing awesome in school. His homework is way too easy, so we are waiting for teacher conferences to determine if his teacher, Mrs. Juttelstad has a good plan for him. Leo's behavior has really taken an awesome turn. He is such a good by and has become more helpful and obedient. Our major struggle has been with Somerset, who has been resistant to cooperate. We are hoping she will be taking a turn soon, because she can be an exhausting little person.

All in all, we are blessed. Excited for the change of seasons and ready to break out the fall clothes!