Thursday, December 26, 2013

Big News!

Big News!

Please watch this video to see what the big news is...we are thrilled!!!!


Life has been great! As you might imagine with baby #3 coming into the picture. I think Joe and I are both nervous about how we will handle the stress of 3 little ones and the sleepless nights, but our children bring us so much joy and we hope to have an easy enough transition.

Telling the kids about the baby  Christmas Day was my favorite part of the day. It was difficult to keep this secret for 3 months! We also told family as well by giving them all a calendar hat I designed with family photos. For the month of June, we have highlighted "Morris baby #3 due date!" Everyone was thrilled but shocked!

The kids continue to amaze us. Leo was tested for Talented and Gifted and he now reads. He is so smart and happy. He still goes through periods of naughty behavior, but he is good when it school! He is a great student, who is eager to learn and share his ideas.

Leo is currently obsessed with Pokemom. It is a major focus of his life and helps him connect to older boys, which he loves. He also loves all his army toys that he got for Christmas. He builds scenarios and stages battles. I don't like the violence, but I like that he is so creative and uses his imagination.

Leo continues to excel at Math. He is currently at about an early 3rd grade math level.

Somerset is such a dear. Her ponies, princesses and stuffed animals are always getting married. Overhearing her imaginary play is the sweetest thing ever. There are often proposals, haircuts, outfit is always sweet and such a lovely change fro the dramatic and violent boy play. Our kids follow all the gender stereotypes, not by design, it is just how they were made.

She is in love with My Little Ponies, her teddy bear "Carl," who is famous at Build A Bear. Somerset went in one day to buy Carl an outfit, and she started talking in Carl's deep, accountant-type voice and had the employees in stitches. She loves princesses too. 

Somerset is a much easier child than Leo was at this age, but she can be drmatic and unreasonable. She woke up this morning wanting Daddy, who was at work. Mommy wuld not do and no amount of reasoning made her happy. I called Joe from work and we were able to calm her down after she spoke to him. 

In her Tippy Toes class, she was "Prima Ballerina." Parents were not allowed in the class until the final day and I had no idea she was so good. She was he first called to demonstrate each move. She was engaged, a leader and very competent at all of her dance moves. When you have a shining star like Leo, sometimes you don't realize how the other child can be a leader too. We are so blessed!

She is also very funny. She was doing a little dance the other day and shaking her little bottom singing, "Fashion butt, fashion butt."  She is very funny for her age and has a knack for jokes beyond her years. As Joe says, "she will leave a trail of broken, nerdy hearts." She is a very special girl and I can't imagine our world without her. 

We are feeling very fortunate and are so excited to see what 2014 brings our way!