Sunday, July 15, 2012


 A trip to the zoo with Mommy
Leo's first camping trip
 Leo and Summy built this cool house....together!
Wow! It has been way too long since I have updated the blog and so much has happened. I have been working a ton (4-5 nights a week), so the nights I have off are spent with the family or catching up on chores.

Well, let's see what's new. Probably the biggest change is that Somerset moved into a toddler bed last night. She only got out of bed once, so that's fantastic. Nap time was a bit more of an issue, but she did eventually fall asleep in her bed. Her toddler bed in Disney Princess themed and she also now has a bookcase and storage bench. It is all very sweet and sized just for her and her tiny room. She loves it and I think that is making the transition easier. Anyhow, we had to move her into a bed because she was getting her thigh caught between the slats and crying in pain when she was stuck.

Our little Summy is now entering the terrible 2s. In fact, as I write this, Joe is giving her her first time out ever because she threw her food across the floor. She is doing a lot of this. She only wants to eat nuts and crackers and of course she does not understand that this is not healthy. Something so cute is that she will say, "I'm sorry Daddy/Mommy." It is so heart melting, but her unreasonable behavior is not.

She now speaks in simple 2-3 word sentences. She is very smart and seems to know more than I realize. I am always surprised by the words she says. She is still potty training too.

As for Leo, he had his first ever camping trip. He had a great time with Joe. It was a one night trip, so it was short, but Joe and Leo seemed to have a really great time. I should have Joe make a blog post about it.

Leo has been very emotional recently. We have had more issues with him disobeying, throwing tantrums and being super emotional. In social situations, he has been complaining about having a sick tummy. This worries me because he has always flourished socially and I hate to think he has anxiety. Joe and I are trying to get to the root of the problem. As a child, Joe had ulcers, so I would hate to think that Leo is a worrier as well. He still is a shining star in so many ways, just look at that smile in the photos above, but I would feel remiss if I didn't mention this. I try to be honest in these posts.

We have all been really enjoying the sunshine though. We are happy that Summer is finally here!!! We are enjoying our farm share produce that we get from our CSA every week (this is so Portland of us). The kids are spending loads of time playing with the hose. Life is good!