Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Time!

Leo and Daddy share a quite moment in the backyard

With all the chaos of the home buying process, we have tried to take a few moments and enjoy the pleasures of summer. We are very deep into the process of getting our first house, but we still have yet to get a final yes from the financers. We are suppose to move this weekend, so I am not sure how/if this will all play out.

In the meantime, we took a break from packing and purging to go to the beach. Leo was ecstatic, perhaps more giddy than we have ever seen him. This was his 2nd trip to the beach and he loved everything about it: the sand, the waves, looking for shells etc. Even though it was a cool 65 degrees and not sunbathing weather, he was in heaven. Joe and I were too because seeing his delight compares to nothing else.

Baby girl will be here in exactly 1 month. This is unbelievable to me. I cannot believe I will be the mom of two...crazy! We are excited to meet our little girl. I am so curious to see what her little face looks like. Will she look like Leo or resemble me more? I am also so curious to learn what her personality is like. I predict she will be much more mellow. We will all know soon enough.

Monday, August 16, 2010

33/34 Weeks Pregnant

We are getting towards the tail end of the pregnancy. Things have been crazy in the Morris household. Not only are we eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 4th member of our family, but we are 10 days away from moving day. We are hoping and praying that everything works out with the loan process and are waiting and preparing for a big fat "yes" from the bank. In the meantime, we are busy packing and also prepping for a big garage sale this Saturday.

I still appear smaller than most pregnant woman who are as far along as me. I am measuring right on track, but this is the point in my pregnancy with Leo that he stopped growing. When he was born, he measured the size of a baby that is 34 weeks gestational age, which is what our little girl is now. I have no reason to believe that things will go the same way with baby girl, but I am still anxious.

Her temperament still remains quite different than how Leo was during pregnancy. She seems more mellow and although I do feel her move a lot, it is more stretching than kicking. She also has gotten the hiccups a few times recently and often presses body parts against my abdomen.

Another difference with this pregnancy is how ill prepared we are compared to last time. Because of the move, we are still without a nursery. Also, I am in no hurry for her to come along. I am more than happy to meet her, but I think because I know how difficult the first few months are, I am happy to have her come no earlier than September 20th. Also, the sleep deprivation scares me.

Leo has been great, although he has been exhibiting some neediness that might be related to the move and his baby sister's arrival. It has become much more difficult to get him to sleep at night. He often calls for me numerous times before he will fall asleep and he almost always falls asleep at the foot of his door.

He has also picked up on some of our speech patterns. For example, he will say, "I'm totally hot," or "I'm super cold." He has picked up these words from me, so I guess I need to be super careful about what I say around him.

I am really trying to cherish these last weeks with Leo as an only child. He is so wonderful and I know after his sister arrives, he will never be an only child again. I am cuddling him as much as he will let me.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buzz Cut!

So Leo's needed a haircut for a while and we talked to him about having Daddy buzz cut it. Yesterday, when Joe and Leo were leaving my work, Leo recognized that we were close to Kid's Castle, where he usually gets his haircut. He told Joe, "Daddy, I need a buzz cut from the store!" Joe agreed and Leo got his first buzz cut. He looks so grown up and boyish and when you have a face as handsome as Leo's, you can get away with any hair cut.

As for the house, we are still in the process of trying to make the deal. The selling agent, who is a relative of the sellers, has agreed to use part of his commission money to make the necessary repairs that we discovered in the inspection, but has requested that we put up $2,000 in earnest money. This means that for any reason, if the deal falls through, we are out this money, along with the cost for the appraisal and the inspection, but if everything goes as planned, the money will be used toward our down payment. We are hoping and praying that everything works out. The house is also getting appraised tomorrow, so things are moving along. The closing date is August 26, so that is the day we have to make it to and then we can breath a sigh of relief (hopefully).

The house has been a nice distraction. It has kept me from obsessing about the baby's arrival and all my nesting instincts have been invested in house hunting and now packing. What an exciting adventure!