Thursday, April 21, 2011

7 Months Old

Dressed up for Date Night

I can't believe that my Summy bear is already 7 months old. This is going by way too fast!!! There is still a lot of babyhood and firsts to experience, but I already feel nostalgic about her earlier days. Somerset is now a confident sitter and she eats 1-2 times a day. She loves carrots, peaches, applesauce and bananas. She hates peas....who could blame her. She is also really enjoying visiting grandma at the gym and has all the little girls in love with her. She seems very entertained by just watching the other children play and doesn't give grandma (who runs the childcare department), a lick of trouble. She really is such a good natured baby. Even thought she is easy going, when she wants something, she is not passive. She has been this way since day one, and it makes me happy to know that she is determined.

Leo is really excited about the weather improving. He wants to be outside playing every chance he gets. He also asks a million questions about everything. He has been doing this for a while, but sometimes, he asks questions I don't know the answers to. Thank goodness for the internet to help me out. He's super excited for Easter, especially since it is a holiday that features so much candy. He has quite the sweet tooth.

Recently, Leo told Joe that he was, "falling in love with him." I love when Leo conveys a sweet sentiment, but is just a little off on how he expresses it. He is constantly saying, "I love Summy sooooo much." It melts my heart every time. She adores him too.

I have been working 2-3 shifts a week. It has been fun to get back into it and I am thrilled that Joe is now confident with both kids. What a good daddy!

I also have started getting some amazing bargains. I follow a site called Thrifty NW Moms, and the site explains how to combine coupons to get stuff for free. I only get the things we need and only take advantage of one item at a time. I think the extreme couponers who clear a store of an item are greedy. It's been a lot of fun though!

Joe and I went on a date! Joe won tickets to see Ellis Marsalis, who plays jazz piano. It's not our normal musical genre of choice, but it was fun to get dressed up and experience something different. I am so thankful that we have my mom around to help with babysitting. We had a great time!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rest in Peace Grammy Irene

Grammy Irene at our wedding in 2004
Million Dollar Smile
No sibling rivalry here!
Already proud of her accomplishments!
The brew master
Joe's Grammy Irene passed away last night. Having always been a woman of strong faith, we know that she is in a happier place. She suffered with dementia the last few years of her life and was often confused and scared. It is a relief to know that she is free from this pain and is now with her loved ones of past.

The last time we saw Grammy Irene was in May of 2010. We went to visit Joe's parent's for Aaron's HS graduation and Grammy was there visiting as well. We are grateful that we had the chance to see her one last time.

On a happier note, Joe's little mini-me (Leo), and my little mini-me (Somerset), continue to be the best of buds. For the first time this week, the sibs engaged in a full-blown game and it was the cutest thing ever. Joe was giving Somerset a bath and Leo was watching. Leo set up the soap container on the edge of the bath tub and Somerset would knock it over. Leo would laugh and then Summy would laugh! They did this over and over again and every time, the kids would laugh hysterically. Joe and I couldn't believe the cuteness.

Somerset also finished her first full container of baby food...carrots. I then rewarded her with a few tiny bites of ice cream. Poor little thing seems to be teething like crazy, so I thought it might help her gums too.

I started going back to the gym in the morning last week. Somerset did great in childcare, and I am sure it really helps to that her grandma is there to watch her. I am easing Somerset into childcare by having her go for 30 minute increments before checking on her. She also went to the church nursery for the first time today and did great. The volunteers had been begging me to let her stay for a while now and since she is now over 6 months, I figured it was time.

Joe continues to brew beer and is completely obsessed! He is becoming quitw the expert and enjoys the process and the finished product.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Look at my beautiful babies! I thought Leo's 3rd birthday and Somerset's half birthday would be the perfect time for a photos session. They are so cute!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vist to the Doctor...for both kiddos!

I tried to get some photos of Leo this week, but he didn't cooperate! Sorry guys!

Sitting...kind of!

What fun it was to knock two visits to the doctor in one appointment. Not too much to report other than the kids are both happy and healthy. Dr. Crowley kept declaring how smart Leo is and remarked about what a good memory Somerset has. Summy was playing with the crinkly paper that protects the patient's bench and Dr. Crowley said she was impressed by how Summy could remember where she had left wads of the paper. Also, both kids had to have shots, which always makes me a sad mommy, but it is for their own good.

Here are the stats:

Weight: 29.3 lbs., 24-25% (highest on the chart ever, last year he had peaked at 12%)
Height: 37 inches, 40%

Weight: 16.2 lbs., 55-56%
Height: 26.3, 72%
Head Circ., 17 inches, 72%

Somerset is almost sitting. She sits for 20 second increments before she falls over on her side, but she is getting stronger by the day. She also babbles a lot and says a word that sounds like "Da-Da."

We made a scoreboard with stickers for Leo that helps reward him for good behavior. If he gets 3 days of good behavior for a particular action (not yelling, not throwing, staying on bed all night etc.), we let him choose a prize from a treasure box that we made. We got this idea from Dr. Crowley and we are really hoping it encourages Leo.

Other than that, we are just enjoying our kids so much. I feel so fortunate to have these little munchkins in my life.