Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is why Leo's getting a bed....

Leo uses chair to get into crib
Almost in!
Mission completed!
Leo's ready to climb out.
Leo's new bed (hopefully)

Leo can now climb in and out of his crib, so we are going to move him into a toddler bed. Last night on Craig's List, Joe and I found a Thomas bed along with Thomas bedding, curtains, storage, step stool etc. We plan to redo his whole room for his 2nd birthday.

I took Leo to get his haircut a few days ago. We take him to a place that specializes in kid's cuts and it's a good thing we do because he gets hysterical! He cries so hard that he breaks out in hives. The staff is so awesome. They put on a Thomas dvd for him and let him hold Lightning McQueen, but nothing could calm him down. I decided to have his hair cut really short so we don't have to deal with this often. He sure looks like a big boy now.

When Leo does something naughty now, we put him in timeout and talk to him about his behavior. When he is really sorry about what he has done, he will cry ask for "big hugs" and say, "I sorry, I sorry, good boy, good boy." It is the CUTEST thing ever.

Leo also now says "lub you" when we tuck him on at night, "good bye, see you," when we leave Grandma at the gym and he now says "almost" when Ligtning McQueen is nearly struck by a train in the movie Cars. His vocabulary is increasing daily and he is constantly surprising me and Joe.

I can't believe my baby is nearly 2. I just love having him as part of our lives. Everyday with him gets better and better and I am loving all the affection I am getting now that he is older. He is such a sweet boy and I can't imagine loving him more.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What would you say if you meet a local celebrity?

Leo's new favorite Blazer, Martell Webster
Leo, Martin and Stella Playing
On the Zoo Lights Train with Aunt Tiffy, Stella and Uncle Martin

We have had a lot of fun recently. Leo's new Dutch girlfriend Stella came to visit all the way from the Netherlands. Martin's sister and brother-in-law visited and Leo REALLY liked Stella. When she first came to our house, Leo was running around like crazy trying to show off. It was really cute, even though he was very wild. The toddlers really hit it off, despite the language barrier. The duo chatted about Monkeys (aapy in Dutch), milk and choo choos.

On Saturday, we visited the local Fred Meyer to meet the Blazer's very own Martell Webster. Leo was excited to make his acquaintance and when it was our turn to meet him, Leo opened the conversation by talking about Thomas the Tank Engine. Luckily, Martell expressed interest and said that he also liked Thomas. Martell couldn't have been nicer. The following day, when Joe was watching a Blazer's game. Leo kept pointing to the tv and saying, "Martell!"

Leo got his first freckle! It is on the back of his left upper leg and it is so cute! Until this point, Leo has had perfectly clear, white skin with no marks at all.

Leo continues to get a better and better grasp of language. I am fairly certain that he can understand most of what we say to him and he is stringing together words non-stop. He also is starting to say some words clear as a bell such as "Thomas."

On a side note, I was offered a permanent position at Williams Sonoma. Yeah! I will probably work 10-15 hours a week. I love making a bit of cash and meeting new people. Also, we don't have to pay for childcare, so all the money I make can go into savings. I am so excited.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Talking Machine

Within the last month, Leo has really developed his language skills. He has started speaking in some simple sentences beyond the 2 word combos he was using a month ago. He now says things like "help me down" or "I want milk."

He also loves to recall events, especially when he is falling asleep. The other night when returned to zoo lights with Tiffy, Martin, and Martin's sister, brother-in-law and niece Stella who is 4 months older than Leo. He LOVED Stella and the lights and when he was being rocked to sleep, he said "lights, Martin, Tiffy, choo-choo, Stella."

Leo remains very social and loves playing with older children and being around people. He becomes quite the ham and acts like a crazy banshee when he is excited to see someone. He'll run around screaming. He has learned the names of his favorite friends from the gym too.

Leo has also learned to manipulate us using affection. In the morning when I try to change his diaper and get him dressed for the day, he will say "big hugs" to avoid the inevitable. He will also ask for "cuddles" so that I will let him climb onto our bed. He will sometimes take the laundry basket and flip it upside down in order to climb on the bed. He thinks that if he says "cuddles," I will let it go by.

Recently, we have gotten on a nice sleep routine. Leo has been taking shorter naps and getting up later (6:45 am is average). About a month back, he was getting up as early as 5 am, but would make up for the lack of sleep by taking 3 hour afternoon naps. I hated that schedule! We have also stopped all nursing as of January 1. I know it was a long time coming, but I really depended on it to get him to sleep for his nap. Today is my first day of getting him down for his nap on my own without nursing. Wish me luck!

I still have a heck of time getting Leo to eat anything nutritious. I have tried everything, but I think my new approach will be to offer him food and if he doesn't eat it, that's it. I know this sounds simple, but in the past, I would offer him many nutritious choices and he would reject them all. I figure the kid won't let himself starve to death, but his poor eating habits are the bane of my existence.

My job continues to go well. Thanks goodness hours have been cut down, but this week, I am working 4 days, so I still am quite busy. It is so exciting to see savings grow!