Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is why Leo's getting a bed....

Leo uses chair to get into crib
Almost in!
Mission completed!
Leo's ready to climb out.
Leo's new bed (hopefully)

Leo can now climb in and out of his crib, so we are going to move him into a toddler bed. Last night on Craig's List, Joe and I found a Thomas bed along with Thomas bedding, curtains, storage, step stool etc. We plan to redo his whole room for his 2nd birthday.

I took Leo to get his haircut a few days ago. We take him to a place that specializes in kid's cuts and it's a good thing we do because he gets hysterical! He cries so hard that he breaks out in hives. The staff is so awesome. They put on a Thomas dvd for him and let him hold Lightning McQueen, but nothing could calm him down. I decided to have his hair cut really short so we don't have to deal with this often. He sure looks like a big boy now.

When Leo does something naughty now, we put him in timeout and talk to him about his behavior. When he is really sorry about what he has done, he will cry ask for "big hugs" and say, "I sorry, I sorry, good boy, good boy." It is the CUTEST thing ever.

Leo also now says "lub you" when we tuck him on at night, "good bye, see you," when we leave Grandma at the gym and he now says "almost" when Ligtning McQueen is nearly struck by a train in the movie Cars. His vocabulary is increasing daily and he is constantly surprising me and Joe.

I can't believe my baby is nearly 2. I just love having him as part of our lives. Everyday with him gets better and better and I am loving all the affection I am getting now that he is older. He is such a sweet boy and I can't imagine loving him more.

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