Sunday, August 2, 2015

13 Months and Summer Fun!

Camping, standing, pickling, swimming, smiling, soap selling,brewing, gardening. These are just a few words that have described our summer. We have been a super active group! The kids have enjoyed this exceptionally HOT summer by swimming a ton, both and Villa Sport and during swim class. Somerset is quite the fish and has taken so well to swimming. She is a natural and went straight to Level 2 after being in Level 1 only once. She has a definite passion for her swimming and I am considering how she can stay swimming year round. 

Leo also knows how to swim now, but we are still working on the proper technique. Leo still goes to Mathnasium and karate. He also adores the Villa Sport pool, especially the water slide and obstacle course. Surprise, he is obsessed with Pokemon again!!!

Rosalie is now 13 months and still has no teeth!!! We are a bit worried, but will wait until 14 months before letting Dr. Crowley know. She is also standing all the time. She gets into a stand position from a squat and will stand for extended periods, but still no steps. She is very proud of herself and loves when w clap for her. She has the hugest smile.

Rosalie also loves to wave and say hello to people in stores. She can get frustrated when she does not receive the attention she is looking for.

The big kids went camping with Daddy for 2 days while I stayed home with Rosalie. It was delightful to spend time alone with the baby and have the house so quite. I also had a lovely time with my mom shopping and dining...what fun! I can't believe I ever thought life with 1 baby was difficult! Joe and the kids had a blast and the kids were real troopers. They caught fish and enjoyed playing Uno and telling spooky stories.

I still sell my soap every Saturday at the Beaverton farmer's market. I also remain very busy selling wholesale to Made in Oregon. I am not trying to grow the business, but am so happy that y hard work is starting to pay off!