Wednesday, April 21, 2010

17 Weeks Pregnant....Again!

17 Weeks Pregnant with New Baby
17 Weeks Pregnant with Leo
Leo requested I take his photo after watching an Elmo segment about cameras

This should be fun! I have decided to post photos of my growing bump every two weeks, just like I did with Leo. It should be interesting to compare the growth between this baby and Leo and also the change of hairstyles too. Things are going great with the pregnancy. I have gained about 6 pounds, so that is good. I feel back to myself again and have been able to keep up with my exercise routine. I am also able to cook and eat normally again. I have had different cravings this time around though. Last week, I wanted Greek salads all the time!

Leo has been getting so cute, but he can be quite naughty too. He is definitely a two-year old now, which comes with a series of challenges. He doesn't want to nap and I have to hold him tight in his bed until he falls asleep. He usually cries and puts up a big fight before he finally conks out. This is the least favorite part of my day. I know that it is ridiculous that I go to such efforts to get him to nap, but he still desperately needs his sleep.

Leo has started singing a lot. He loves to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle , Little Star", but instead of singing "like a diamond in the sky," he sings "like a diamond in the car." It is adorable!

He also tells us when something hurts, "ouch, it hurts," and he wants us to kiss his boo boos.

Leo is extremely social. he loves to play with other children and enjoys going to the gym, the play room at our local grocery store, the church nursery and Gymboree class. Because of his big personality and enthusiasm, he is almost always declared "one the favorites" by his care takers.

Leo continues to be very athletic. He can climb, kick and throw very well. He loves playing basketball with daddy at the park.

Leo went in for his 2 year check-up. His weight is up to the 12%, which is the highest it's ever been. His height is 18%, but this seems to dip back and forth depending on whether or not he has had a growth spurt. His head continues to expand and is the 72%. Dr. Crowley said he is very verbally advanced and she was amazed that he can identify all his ABCs. He also knows most of his numbers and can count too. He just seems to prefer letters over numbers though.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Romantic Getaway

The Pelican Brewery
Bunny Feeding at its Finest!

Joe and I had a much needed night away, and left Leo overnight with my mom for the first time. We went to Pacific City on the Oregon Coast and stayed at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda. We had the best time and felt like we were dating again. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE Leo, but having a night away was amazing! We were able to dine in peace, walk on the beach and sleep in (8 a.m. was the latest I could will myself to sleep).

The hotel was all that we expected and more and had a gorgeous view of the ocean. We enjoyed having dinner and breakfast at the Pelican Brewery and although they have fabulous beer, I had a non-alcoholic Becks.

One of the highlights of the trip was feeding the bunnies that roam freely around the hotel. Joe literally had them eating out of his hand.

As for Leo, he had a fabulous time with Grandma and was able to enjoy all the perks of her care-taking such as extra sweets, a few new cars and a later bedtime. Everyone had a blast!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comedy Time

For starters, in the Morris house, we have always thought it is funny to hike up pants, so Joe took it to the extreme with Leo. Ouch! That looks painful.

On another comedic note, we now have upgraded from ducks in our backyard to Canada Geese. Boy are they noisy!

15 Weeks Pregnant

Our little dude in utero needs a little blogging tlc. It seems that the stereotype about the first born is true. Leo gets all the attention and I want to put a stop to that and share the wealth of our love.

Our little guy/girl is doing great. Of course there is really nothing new to report, but at 15 weeks pregnant, I feel great (finally)! I felt sick for so long, that it's been great to enter my second trimester. I have energy and have been going to the gym 5 day s a week. I also have gotten over morning sickness and food aversions. I have also just started gaining weight and am up 3-4 pounds. As for the belly, I look extremely bloated and although I think I am starting to look a bit pregnant, no one would dare ask.

The worst part of the pregnancy is not knowing the gender. It is harder to connect having no idea what we are having and although we have discussed names a bit, until we know gender, we don't want to fall in love with any particular name. We only have another 5 weeks, so hopefully we can wait. I have convinced myself that we are having a boy, but for no concrete reason, we will just have to wait and see.

I was also so happy to buy the new baby his/her first article of clothing. It is a Christmas onsie that says "ho, ho, ho!," and would be perfect for a girl or a boy.

Leo has been cuter than ever. Yesterday, when I was leaving for work, he said, "bye mommy, miss you, drive safe," followed by a big kiss. Of course he is just mimicking what Joe usually says, but he sounded like such a little man. It may have been the cutest thing he has ever said to me. He also voluntarily says "I love you," and asks for hugs and kisses. This is what we have been waiting for as parents and it's the best!!!