Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kindergarten Registration!

Somerset's cute man drawing.

This is what Leo likes to do!

Joe found this keyboard at the Goodwill. He had the same toy as a kid!
This about sums it up! Leo and Somerset are sure showing us their likes and dislikes.

Leo LOVES anything electronic He plays Star Wars video games on the computer and games on Joe's phone. I am so torn up about this. I try to restrict him, but nothing makes the boy happier. It has proven to be a good negotiating tool though...."if you make your bed, then you can play for 15 minutes." As a mom though, I feel guilty about these activities, which I equate to being a waste of time.

Leo and his best friend are always geeking out about Star Wars and video games. I am glad that Leo is a bit techy and geeky, I just want ghim to be well balanced with other interests too. 

I registered Leo for Kindergarten! This was a huge step for me as a! I can't believe that boy is ready for school. I am really excited for him though and know he will love school. We have a couple of schools in mind and will be a part of a lottery system for a Charter school. Our local school is good though, I just hate the class sizes being so large.

Somerset loves art. She is so good at drawing too and has inherited some pretty advanced skills! Joe and I found the drawing featured at the top of this post and we were both amazed! Pretty good for a newly 2 year old.

Somerset is speaking in full sentences exclusively. It is still difficult to understand everything she says, but she is communicating beautifully. I love her sweet little voice and her sassy attitude. She definitely is our child: strong willed, determined, funny and stubborn.

I have to take more photos! This is a difficult age for getting kid photos. For Somerset, every smile is fake and Leo is just annoyed, so more candids will be in our future.

Joe and I are still very busy with our DIY hobbies. I am still very active with my soap making and looking for avenues to sell more. I have been making soap almost daily to prepare for a craft show that I hope is a huge success. I also need to reopen my Etsy shop.

Joe is preparing to enter another beer competition. He is brewing every few weeks and I LOVE his beer. It is really good, but he has very high standards.