Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1 Month Old and 10 Year Anniversary

Anniversary gift from e to Joe

Is there a better way to celebrate a 10 year anniversary than with a new baby? Isn't she the ultimate expression of our love and commitment to one another? Joe and I were able to celebrate for an hour, sans kids, at a new restaurant in downtown Beaverton called Watson Hall. It was great. We then picked up Rosalie and continued our date at the mall. Maybe not the most romantic of anniversaries, but one of the most memorable.

Joe gave me the most beautiful black pearl earrings, which I have work every day. I made him the family sign seen above and bought him beer (in aluminum), and a 10-year aged bourbon. All in all, a very nice anniversary.

Rosalie is growing like a weed! Comparing her 1 week photo to her 1 month photo was startling. She is huge! She is still long and lean, but she is getting chubbier. She is also going through an awkward stage where she is losing her hair and getting baby acne. It's no wonder her skin is affected....she is always in a baby carrier with her face smacked u against me. We are both always sweating and smelling of sour milk.....yuck! She remains a sweet baby, but is a bit more fussy. She is a light sleeper and wakes up ealiy during the day. She seems to prefer sleeping in the carrier during the day. She usually gets up once a night to eat. It is not impossible for me to deal with this, but I do miss sleeping through the night.

Somerset and Leo have been doing well considering how much time we spend at home. Summy still loves play-doh, ponies and "watching kid's cooking shows," which are actually just play-dog demos on You Tube.

Leo loves Legos ans is obsessed with Star Wars Legos and Mini Figures. He also has taking quite the liking to American Ninja Warrior.

I have been lucky to have my mom take the older kids on adventures about once a week, which really helps. Theu have a great time with Grandma.

All in all, life is good. Looking forward to getting back into my normal routie, but trying to savor these newborn days.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

3 Weeks Old

The good news is that I survived my first week with the three kids alone! Leo had a dinosaur camp with his friend Ryan last week and Amber took Leo to camp....yeah! That was a bog help. Also, we had three after camp play dates with Amber's 3 kids. We didn't get out much with the baby, but I am trying to take baby steps.

I wear Rosalie is the Ergo a lot, which allows me to do everything else I need to with chores and the big kids. She naps in the Ergo and I wear her about 6 hours a day. It has been a life save. We also bought an amazing swing called the Mamaroo that allows me about 30 minutes a day to get stuff done.

Also, the cloth diapering has gone really well. The washing doesn't bother me a bit and I LOVE the $ we are saving....I just wish I had a few more newborn diapers.

Rosalie is a dream. She is easy and doesn't fuss much. She has a pattern of sleeping, eating and staying alert for a bit before the cycle starts again. Joe captures the beginnings of smiles from her by singing lovingly to her. He has his special Rosalie song that he has composed for her and also sings Let it Go as well.

Rosalie has been waking up 1-2 times a night. Usually, I will feed her late, around 11 p.m., and then she will wake from about 3-4 a.m. and then again around 6:30-7 a.m. Is this really my daughter.

Rosalie is still very long and lean, but I think she is getting bigger, maybe around 7 pounds at 3 weeks. She is long and lean like a model. She has very little chunk to her, but I am sure that will change soon. She is very beautiful and we are so in love with her.

Leo and Somerset are adjusting well. Luckily for me, they enjoy time at home. They do fight, but they have been pretty manageable consider all the life changes.

We are taking time out, especially with Somerset, to make the big kids feel special. If I get out at all, I usually take 1 or both of the the big kids.

Somerset has been doing a lot of imaginary play. She loves to play with her ponies and spends hours upon hours fixing their hair. She loves her baby sister and always wants to take photos with her.

Somerset remains breathtakingly beautiful. I still can't handle how big her eyes are and how perfect her sweet face is. The splattering of freckles across her nose takes her cuteness to a whole new level.

Leo has really been well behaved and seems to be taking his role as the oldest child to heart. He is very helpful and is making us very proud parents.

We are so blessed. Being a mother of three has been a dream come true.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 4th of July!
My only photo with Rosalie. Leaving the hospital.

1 week old with her very own bear.

Our sweet Rosalie is now 2 weeks old. She is a good baby and doesn't fuss much. We do struggle a bit with trying to get her to stay asleep, a problem that is aggravated by overly attentive siblings who always want to hug an kiss her. The sound control is a major problem in our house.

Leo has coined her active alert state as "wonder eyes," which has become a bit of a nick name.

Somerset loves to brush Rosalie's hair, which is very sweet.

Rosalie is a great eater  At her 12 day mark, she weighed 6 pounds, 7.5 ounces )7%) and was 22 inches long (60%). She is long and lanky and is not at all chubby.

Joe thinks she will keep her light eyes. I think she looks a lot like him and I see both her brother and sister in her. She really is her own unique little person and is very beautiful. We really adore her.

I started using the Baby Ergo to carry her and this might just save me. If I can have her nap in the Ergo, then I can attend to the other kids......amen!

The big test will be Monday, when Joe goes back to work. I am terrified!!! Wish me luck!