Thursday, May 29, 2014

36 Weeks

Today I had another ultrasound. I have been consistently measuring small this pregnancy, which is cause for concern because Leo was born small and I am advanced maternal age (yuck!). Anyway, I have been nervous all week. I had the ultrasound today, and the baby measured much smaller than she had at her 30 week ultrasound. She had measured 72% and today she measured 32%, which is a significant drop. Ultrasounds can be off by 15%, which means, she might just be smaller, average, or very small. It is cause for concern, so I will be going in for 2 non-stress tests twice a week and have ultrasounds every week until she is born. If it appears that her growth is decreasing, they will have the c-section moved to an earlier date. Apparently, keeping her inside, if my placenta is failing, does her no good, and could harm her. I am a bit sad that we are going through this with our sweet girl, but I am thankful that they are keeping such a close eye on me and the baby and will pray for the best outcome.

Friday, May 23, 2014

35 Weeks

I need to take some pregnancy photos. I promise to make a full report on Rosalie Jane. She is moving a ton. Not kicking so much, but shifting weight and moving as she can. Unfortunately, I measured small again! Despite my best efforts at eating icre cream and chocolate chip cookies, I can not will my stomach to get bigger. Rosalie moves often, so I know she is alive and I hope she is well, but I have another 6 days until the ultrasound to hope that all is well. The big scare is that if she is measuring small, I would have to have her early, which I don;t want to do.

The kids are well. Somerset was kissed by a boy at the gym yesterday....uggg! Joe and I explained to her that she is too young and it is not ok for boys to kiss her yet. I can't believe I am having this conversation with my three year old.

Leo was having a rough behavioral spell,but he seems back on track. We are so grateful. He is doing so well in Karate and tee-ball and seems to be quite the athlete.

We are all so excited to meet Rosalie. She is such a mystery to us. The kids both adore her and love her and consider her part of the family already. Somerset tells everyone that she is going to be a big sister and Leo always talks to my stomach and coos over how cute she is.

I have been participating in farmer's markets every week. It has kept me busy with soap making...almost daily. I am getting very consistent and hardly ever have mishaps. I am really in business now.

Joe continues to brew....a lot! He still loves his "hobby."

Sunday, May 4, 2014

32 weeks Pregnant...Everything's Growing!

32 weeks pregnant with Rosalie Jane.

Belle, our people loving tadpole staring at Leo.

Our budding fashion designer!

First Sleepover!

Everything's growing! Rosalie is growing, the garden is growing, the kids are growing up, the tadpoles are growing legs, my soap business is growing. Spring must be here!

Our new and exciting arrival to the family this week are 2 new tadpoles named Toby and Belle. We acquired them at Camille Park and they have become family pets ever since. Toby is more active and seems to have more survival instincts. His legs are growing faster and he is more likely to try new developmental things first. Our sweet Belle is in love with Joe. She follows his voice and is very curious about humans. We just love these guys.

Somerset is still out budding fashion designer. Her Play-Doh dress creations are amazing. She is still Play-Doh crazy and will play with it forever. It is super messy, but it is worth it.

Leo's math abilities continue to amaze us. Here is a math question I asked him the other day:

Me: Leo, I made 6 batches of soap, and each batch is 8 bars, how many bars of soap?
Me: If I make $5 a bar, how much money will I make?
Leo: After a few minutes, he answered, $240

He is AMAZING!!!

Rosalie is my little roller. Leo was my kicker, Somerset was my stretcher and Rosalie is my roller. She is moving so much now! I can't wait to meet her. I am really nesting over her arrival. The kids switched rooms and are very happy. I am thrilled to have this move complete. I am also buying Rosalie little cloth diapers. They are the cutest thing ecer, and I really hope we can make cloth diapers work for us.

Leo had his first sleepover ever!!! Donovan came over and the kids all had a blast. Everyone was relatively well behaved and I was so thrilled that Leo got to spend time with his best pal.

I also started my first week at the Sherwood Farmer's Market.  The market was small, but easy to set up. It is only a 4 hour commitment. I didn't make as much money as I would have liked, but I think things will pick up. I had fun!

Joe has planted a vegetable garden. He has gotten the kids involved and everyone is enjoying the process. Both Somerset and Leo have been god helpers and are excited to eat the harvest.