Thursday, May 29, 2014

36 Weeks

Today I had another ultrasound. I have been consistently measuring small this pregnancy, which is cause for concern because Leo was born small and I am advanced maternal age (yuck!). Anyway, I have been nervous all week. I had the ultrasound today, and the baby measured much smaller than she had at her 30 week ultrasound. She had measured 72% and today she measured 32%, which is a significant drop. Ultrasounds can be off by 15%, which means, she might just be smaller, average, or very small. It is cause for concern, so I will be going in for 2 non-stress tests twice a week and have ultrasounds every week until she is born. If it appears that her growth is decreasing, they will have the c-section moved to an earlier date. Apparently, keeping her inside, if my placenta is failing, does her no good, and could harm her. I am a bit sad that we are going through this with our sweet girl, but I am thankful that they are keeping such a close eye on me and the baby and will pray for the best outcome.

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Carrie said...

Will be thinking and praying for you and baby Rosalie!