Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leo's Graduation and 38 weeks Pregnant

Last Day of Kindergarten (left) and 1st Day of Kindergarten!

This is a very Leo centric much to for us to feel proud about! Leo graduated Kindergarten ans got his brown belt!

We could not be more proud of Leo for all that he accomplished this year. He had such an amazing Kindergarten year. He learned to read, became of TAG (Talented and Gifted) student, learned multiplication (in his head), and had lots of fun!

We were so blessed to have Mrs. Ramey as his Kindergarten teacher. She is everything I would have wanted for Leo and more. She is sweet. compassionate, patient, and best of all, she understands and appreciates Leo! I hope that Leo will have many fond memories of Mrs. Ramy, his classmaes and the Kindergarten year.

As a mom, I am having conflicting feelings about this transition. I have a baby due next week, Leo is moving on to full-day school and Somerset is entering preschool. I will never be pregnant again and my babies are growing and progressing. I love it, but time is slipping by. I am trying to cherish every moment I have with them. I am so fortunate for ll I have. I need to live in this moment and soak it all in.Big things are in store for us!

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