Wednesday, January 14, 2015

6 Months!

This is going by way too fast. Time is slipping away and my babies are growing up!

Rosalie is almost sitting, sleeps in her own crib and is eating like a champ.

We started sleep training the week of New Years. She is in the Play Room/Office, but she is in her crib and likes it. It took a week or so, but she now goes to bed without crying. She still wakes up a few times a night, but it is such a relief to have her out of the bed and our arms. Until this point, we would hold her until we went to bed...not good.

She is eating 3 times a day and is a champion eater. She seems to love all the food I offer her and eats a lot!!!

She is also sitting for up to 10 seconds at a time before she topples over.

Rosalie loves her Daddy and even snuggles in a gives him hugs when he gets home. She is a real darling. We think she also is doing the sign for milk at times and knows what milk means. She also clearly knows her name.

Somerset is beginning to learn how to read with me. She in very excited about this and does  great job. She brings me her learning books and asks to read with me. She will surely be a reader before 5! She seems less frustrated by the learning to read process than Leo was. I am thrilled that she is taking on this challenge so well and is so eager to learn!

This week, she is Star of the Week for preschool. She has been waiting for this honor for quite sometime and has really enjoyed her time with Curious George this week.

Leo has started sparring at his Karate studio. He is the littlest guy in class and although the new class is quite challenging for him, he has such a great attitude about it. He has moved up to 3 days a week of training.

He continues to love school and seems to have good friends and experiences.His Math skills are so far beyond what he is doing in school. I worry that he is not challenged, but we make sre he does all the extra assignments in school.