Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Best Friend

Leo and his best bud Donovan. Somerset had to be in the photo too!

Fun times were had by all at Leo's preschool's fundraising night at Papa's Pizza.

My sweet girl likes to be just like Mommy, which means she likes to clean.

Showing off the construction of his "big boy" Leo and Daddy creation" Star Wars X-Wing!
These kids are great! So great in fact, that my job, as a full-time Mom is getting so much easier. I have a such a good handle on things that I am able to make soap when I am watching them, they are able to do things for themselves, entertain themselves etc. Life is great!

I also have never posted about Donovan, Leo's best friend. These 2 little boys connected from the first moment they met at preschool orientation. They really love each other. Everyday, when I ask Leo what he did at preschool, his answer is almost always the same, "I played with Donovan." I really hope these two stay friends forever, because they sure do like one another. As a mom, I love that Leo has developed such a close friendship...this brings back so many fond childhood memories for me. I have to admit that Somerset seems very fond of Donovan as well. She definitely plays the role of the cute, but annoying little sister.

Leo is now obsessed with traffic laws. He is always telling us what the speed limit is and does not want us to exceed it. In addition to being Officer Leo, he is also into imaginative play and wants to own every Lego minifigure in existence. Sorry kid, we don't have those funds!

Somerset is a darling little girl. She knows many of her letters and is smart, sassy and determined. She still wants to be Mommy's baby though. She wants to be an independent little girl, but she still needs her Mommy to hold her. I can't help treating her like a princess. She is just so sweet and angelic. She can be terrible demanding, but one look into her big brown eyes, and you are captive.

Motherhood has been good. These kids are my everything! I am so blessed.