Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Sick!

What a week! Unfortunately. our poor Leo has been so sick. He has the flu and this is the most discomfort we have seen him experience. This has been a very difficult time and to make matters worse, he passed the sickness alomg to me and Joe. We are parying Somerset is spared this pain.

On a happier note, Somerset has picked up a few more words. She definitely now understand "ut-oh" and uses it frequently, as she seems to have many mishaps. She also now says "nah, nah, nah, nah, nah" for no.

She also gets around in the most adorable way and is getting very proficient at it. She scoots around on her little bum and uses her her feet to propel herself forward. She can get around very fast this way. I have heard about babies doing this instead of crawling, but to see her in action is hilarious. ( video soon to follow).

Leo has become much more aware of his emotions. He has told me a few times recently that he is sad. This always makes me sad in turn, but it is encouraging to see him develop in this way. Also, he expresses happiness often by saying, "I love everyone in the world!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I made this for Somerset's room

Joe went a little crazy with the clippers and now Leo is nearly bald. It's a good thing Leo is so handsome and can pull off this look. Also, if summer ever arrives in Oregon, he will enjoy the coolness of his new hairstyle.

Joe and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We were able to go on a real date because my mom watched the kids. It is so good to know that after 7 years together, we are still so in love.

Somerset nearly has her 4 top teeth. The fangs have poked through and the 2 center teeth are ready to come through. She also has started saying "ut-oh." She says it in a very apprehensive, girly way. It is the cutest.

She also is still not crawling. The way she gets around is hilarious!!! She sits on her bottom and scoots around that way. I really don't think she will crawl because she is so into scooting around. It does make me a bit nervous that she is making little effort in her physical milestones, but she is doing so well in other areas (eating, communication), that I am trying not to be too concerned.

She is getting more confident with waving to strangers and loves to interact with other children. She especially loves her brother and thinks that he is hilarious! The often makes noises back and forth to each other and laugh and laugh.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bragging Rights

Just a heads up for this post: I am going to brag. I posted a few photos of Leo's amazing star ship creations. All of these ships he makes are completely on his own and he is very intentional about them. He knows exactly what ship he is trying to make and executes it as well as he can using Duplo blocks.

Also, Leo not only knows all the planets in our solar system and their correct order, but he also can name the moons too. he is our little genius!

Friday, July 8, 2011


The big news in the house is that Summy has teeth! She has her 2 bottom teeth now and the fangs are pointing through, with the 2 front, top ones close behind. Poor Somerset is sensitive as it is, but this added pain is no good for her. At least we are getting this teething all out of the way at once. In the meantime, her smile looks a little goofy, but is still so beautiful.

Somerset might have added the word ball to her vocabulary. It is still undecided if she really know what this word means when she says it.

She continues to wave and often turns her hand in towards herself as she opens and shuts her is the cutest thing ever. She also loves to sign for milk when she is about to be fed.

Somerset loves eating. She likes puffs, mangos, strawberries, peanut butter ( not allergic), Cheerios, yogurt and smoothies. She is a good eater, but prefers to feed herself.

We think Somerset might be left handed. At this early stage, she favors it. Also, she may be a future drummer. She is much more musical than Leo ever was and loves drumming away with her toys. She also claps her hands now too.

Leo is now really interested in Astronomy. This seems like a natural transition since he still loves Star Wars. He loves to look at the photos in Joe's college Astronomy book and ask questions. After I explained the different sizes of the planets he declared that, "Summy is small like Pluto." (Shhh, we still haven't told him that Pluto is not considered a planet anymore).

Leo has also expressed interest in various career choices including Airplane Pilot, Doctor, Dentist and Gas Station Attendant. I told him that he would be very good at any of these things and he can do anything in life he sets his mind to.

As you can see by the photos, we spent part of our 4th of July weekend at the kiddy pool. It was fun and the kids both loved it. I did get stung by a bee on the bottom of my foot as we entered the pool. That hurt so much. It was worse than any part of my c-section. Ouch!!!

On the 4th, we went to our friends Christy and Eben's house. Leo loves their daughter Evie and they have a newborn son named James. It was good to catch up. We were home by 7 pm and put Summy to bed and she slept through all the crazy fireworks!!! We took turns walking Leo around the neighborhood and it was great to meet neighbors and see the excitement in Leo's eyes when the fireworks went off. He loves anything that blows up, makes loud noise and lights up, so the 4th is his kind of holiday.