Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I made this for Somerset's room

Joe went a little crazy with the clippers and now Leo is nearly bald. It's a good thing Leo is so handsome and can pull off this look. Also, if summer ever arrives in Oregon, he will enjoy the coolness of his new hairstyle.

Joe and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We were able to go on a real date because my mom watched the kids. It is so good to know that after 7 years together, we are still so in love.

Somerset nearly has her 4 top teeth. The fangs have poked through and the 2 center teeth are ready to come through. She also has started saying "ut-oh." She says it in a very apprehensive, girly way. It is the cutest.

She also is still not crawling. The way she gets around is hilarious!!! She sits on her bottom and scoots around that way. I really don't think she will crawl because she is so into scooting around. It does make me a bit nervous that she is making little effort in her physical milestones, but she is doing so well in other areas (eating, communication), that I am trying not to be too concerned.

She is getting more confident with waving to strangers and loves to interact with other children. She especially loves her brother and thinks that he is hilarious! The often makes noises back and forth to each other and laugh and laugh.

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