Saturday, October 6, 2012

I love my kids!

Leo draws a lady bug!
Leo combines his love of numbers and Legos!
Mommy's Shoes and Daddy's tie!
Daddy's childhood Paddington Bear. Summy holds Paddington as she watches a Paddington DVD.
The kid update! I feel that I have been neglectful in focusing on how incrediby adorable the kids are. Leo is more talkative, imaginative and smarter than ever. I recently accompanied Leo on a preschool field trip to New Seasons grocery store and Leo was the standout of the class. He loves being the center of attention, asking many questions and making people laugh.

Leo is amazing at math. He started skipping numbers...1,3,5,7. The he started counting backwards from 100, skipping numbers...100,98, 96, 94. OMG! He can count by tens and he even did a simple algebra equation the other day. Joe and Leo were talking about when Leo turns 11. Joe asked Leo how old would Somerset be. He said if I am 4 and Somerset is 2 now, when I am 11, she will be 9! This kid is smart!!! Crazy smart.

He is also starting to recognize words by sounding them out. I feel that soon, a light will go off, and he will be reading. I have worked with him on all the sounds letters make and we sound out words together. The other day, Joe spelled the word vomit, because Leo is sensitive to theis word and Leo told us what Joe had spelled! He blows me away!

Leo is also getting much better at drawing. He has made some really cute robots and bugs! Typical boy!

Somerset is making great progress too. She recently said, "I am 2 now!" She also says, "Mommy, don't go!" when I have to leave for work. She identifies so many things that I had no idea that she knew, like crocodile.

She is becoming so sweet and affectionate too. She is the best hugger and she will sweetly touch my face or carress my hair. She has a sweetness to her that is so different than Leo. Leo is full of big hugs too and is a big love, but she is more tender.

She loves to be like me. She will stand at the kitchen and want to cut bars of soap. She also like to make us cookies in her play kitchen or bring us cups of coffee.

She started asking "why?" Oh boy! It is cute, but this could get exhausting!

The kids are loving playing together. Somerset laughs at anything Leo does and she looks to him for guidance on what to do, or what is funny. She's laugh at something that he says, even if she doesn't know why and he delights in making her laugh. Watching their relationship grow and develop has been the most amazing thing to witness as a mom. They really love each other and on the days I feel inadequate, at least I feel that I have exceeded in making sure they are close. I am so glad that Somerset came along sooner than later because I have a feeling they will be great friends for life!