Monday, June 22, 2015

Rosalie is One!

Mommy and Rosalie on her 1st birthday
Last day of preschool for Somerset

Somerset's favorite shoes

Watching Maya and Somerset

Leo's lasy day of school. Calculator Watch!

Miss M and Miss J

Maya, Somerset and Ellie after their tap dance recital. BFFs.

Mismatch day at VBS

Our sweet cruiser of a girl is one!!! That went fast. She is amazing! She sings, she speaks a few words, she flirts and cuddles and is an all around great girl (except for night time sleeping).

 She cries often at bed time and then we end up taking her in our bed at some point in the night so Somerset can sleep. She also does not like to sleep in her crib for naps, so she naps in the car or in the carrier....not ideal.

She weighed nearly 18 lbs at her 1 year appointment. She is 20% for weight and 35 for height. 

Facts about Rosalie:
  • She loves her brother and sister. Somerset always can make her laugh by jumping around
  • she loves to eat strawberries, eggs, cheese, bread, cheerios and is generally a great eater. 
  • she wakes up happy
  • she still has no teeth!
  • she loves to cuddle into a shoulder when she is sleepy.
  • she loves mama's milk and will smile and sign for it when she wants it.
  • she loves bath time
  • she has the most beautiful face!
  • she likes the Daniel Tiger Theme Song
  • she loves watching children preform at recitals.
  • she will clap and yell, "Leo" for her brother
  • She loves cake!
  • She is often called petite
Her first birthday was low key. We had Grandma Laurel, Grandma Cassandra, Uncle Martin, Autin Tiff, Baby Aria and our family came over for quiche, chicken alfredo pasta, coleslaw and of course....cake. The food was great and Rosalie loved it all! She did not disappoint with the cake eating. At one point, she used both hands to shoe fists full of cake in. She also loved all her gifts includig a new walker, a picnic set and vibrating and singing dog from Somerset, a ball from Leo, Books from Aria, A xylophone from Grandma Naomi, Clothes and toys from Granmdma Cassandra and a dress from Grandma Laurel. It was a great day!