Friday, November 30, 2012

Playing Together

Kid in a box!

Singing time at Chidren's Museum. She was captivated!

The Angry Bird obsession continues. I realize it has been over a year, as many of Leo's Christmas gifts from last year were Angry Birds. Now Leo is getting Somerset in on the action. They were cramming themselves into a cardboard box and taking turns throwing Angry Birds at each other. What a reward it is as a parent to see your kids playing together!

I had a lovely date with Somerset at the Children's Museum. We played for almost 2 full hours and she cried when we left. She loved it there! We really enjoyed the 30 minute music time and she sat through the whole thing mesmerized. I love that her attention span is so much longer than Leo's was at the same age. In fact, the whole experience with her is just different. She plays gentler and can stay on task longer than Leo did. I imagine that her behavior is just plain normal, as Leo is just crazy intense and intelligent. Not to say that Somerset isn't as intelligent, she just isn't as intense.

Leo has become a joy. He is doing well in school, excelling in Karate and is so imaginative with his play. He can now spend hours entertaining himself playing with his Legos and flying his creations around. He always has these dialogs that accompany his play, "I have been hit. There are Vulture Droids behind me. I am coming in for a landing!" I have to admit, that at this point in time, he is the "easier" child. Crazy but true!

We are all thrilled for Christmas. The kids love this season and clap every time they see Christmas lights! It is adorable. Love them. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's been a long time!


Oh boy! It has been way too long and I miss my blog! I blame it work (5 days a week) and I was unable to download photos for a while! I feel unbelievable guilty for not recording all the amazing moments we have had over the last few months.

We had a wonderful Halloween full of lots of pumpkins and candy. The kids got into the full swing of things and now that Somerset is 2, she fully embraces Halloween, pumpkins, dressing up and eating too much candy. The kids both went trick or treating and although there were scared by certain houses, they had so much fun gathering candy. Leo counted 73 pieces.

Somerset now talks in full sentences, sleeps through the night and is gaining tons of weight. She has growm up so much the last few months. She can be sassy with us, even telling us to "go away!," when she is tired and wants to be left alone in her bed. She whines more than I wish, but in general, she is a joy. Care takers always tell us she is perfectly behaved and she doesn't have the mischievous temperament that Leo had at the same age. She is very concerned about making us upset and her lip quivers if she feels that she has disappointed us. 

Our biggest challenge with her is her selfish steak. She cries if I cuddle with Leo and yells, "My Mommy!" She also does not like to share. I think this is ytpical toddler behavior, but Leo is so generous and doesn't have a jeapous bone in his body, so this is new to us.

Somerset likes singing, dancing, Calliou (ugg), ABCs, Angelina Ballerina, Tinkerbell, play cooking and books. She is learning so much and show casing her intelligence every day. I love her sooo much, and I can never get enough of her beautiful face. She is possibly the prettiest living thing I have ever seen.

Leo is doing great. He has gotten easier as he ages. He is so smart, I can hardly believe it. His understanding of math astounds me. He also is catching on with reading. I wish I devoted more time to his learning, but we get very little one-on-one time together.

Leo is so sweet and is the best cuddler. He will be the best husband, because he is so good about expressing his affection for those he loves. He is am amazing big brother and teaches his sister, protects her from harm and is constantly hugging and kissing her. We are so lucky that these kids get along.

Leo is not only obsessed with Angry Birds, he is a savant at the game. He has far surpassed most adults in his ability to play and pass levels. It really is incredible. Joe assures me that this is a valuable skill. All I know is that he is super determined and that is a great quality to posses.

I will try to be better about posting. We are already excited for CHRISTMAS! It is early to catch the Christmas bug, but this is my favorite time of year. Somerset is getting into the spirit too, which I love and Leo now likes Christmas better than Halloween. Whew!

Give a Kid a Camera...

Leo has been known to steal my camera. When I take photos, I am so concerned with centering things and getting just the perfect smile, but when he takes photos, it is so pure. He takes photos of things that interest him and although I would never think to photograph a basketball or a pair of Clone Trooper Crocs, he does and does so very well. I just love his view of the world!