Friday, November 30, 2012

Playing Together

Kid in a box!

Singing time at Chidren's Museum. She was captivated!

The Angry Bird obsession continues. I realize it has been over a year, as many of Leo's Christmas gifts from last year were Angry Birds. Now Leo is getting Somerset in on the action. They were cramming themselves into a cardboard box and taking turns throwing Angry Birds at each other. What a reward it is as a parent to see your kids playing together!

I had a lovely date with Somerset at the Children's Museum. We played for almost 2 full hours and she cried when we left. She loved it there! We really enjoyed the 30 minute music time and she sat through the whole thing mesmerized. I love that her attention span is so much longer than Leo's was at the same age. In fact, the whole experience with her is just different. She plays gentler and can stay on task longer than Leo did. I imagine that her behavior is just plain normal, as Leo is just crazy intense and intelligent. Not to say that Somerset isn't as intelligent, she just isn't as intense.

Leo has become a joy. He is doing well in school, excelling in Karate and is so imaginative with his play. He can now spend hours entertaining himself playing with his Legos and flying his creations around. He always has these dialogs that accompany his play, "I have been hit. There are Vulture Droids behind me. I am coming in for a landing!" I have to admit, that at this point in time, he is the "easier" child. Crazy but true!

We are all thrilled for Christmas. The kids love this season and clap every time they see Christmas lights! It is adorable. Love them. 

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