Monday, March 31, 2014

Leo Turns 6!

My sweet boy turned 6! I couldn't be more proud of him. Here is a recap of a few highlights from Leo's 5th year:

1) Leo learned to Read
2) Leo learned to ride a Bike
3) Leo started Kindergarten, was tested for TAG
4) Leo learned to play Chess
5) Became obsessed with Pokemon
6) Started Multiplication
7) Leo played on a T-Ball team

What an amazing year! He also had a fantastic birthday!

On Leo's actual birthday, I took the kids to Papa's Pizza and our friends, Ryan, Ellie, Jake and Amber met us there. The kids played hard for 3 hours. Afterwards, My mom and Dad met us at the house to give Leo his gifts (Star Wars Leogo set and clothes). For dinner, we went to Mc Donalds....what a Leo day!

For Leo's party, we let Chuck E. Cheese do all the work, which was well worth it. Leo invited Drew, Ryan, Forest, Donovan and Chase. Uncle Aaron and Kaylee, Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Martin, Baby Aria and Grandma also joined in on the fun.

Leo loved the Ticket Blaster. He invited Uncle Aaron to join him and in true Leo fashion, he scored the 1,000 point ticket. That's my boy!  

Leo was blessed with many amazing gifts including Pokemon cards, a rock tumbler, Lego sets, and skateboard, games, clothes and money....what a great day!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

24 weeks and a Big Milestone

24 weeks Pregnant with Rosalie Jane

My Mommy necklace

Baby Aria and her Uncle (my cute husband)

The lopsided cake started sliding in the car when my mom brought it over!

Birthdays! They can be fun, but I always just hope to get through the day without contemplating getting older too much. This year was a big one....40! I sure don't feel it though, so that is why it is especially difficult to swallow, plus, I am pregnant.

I received a beautiful necklace from Joe with our kid's names. I love it! It even has the new baby's name on it, so I guess there is no turning back!

I love all that I was given. I feel so special. Somerset picked out some beautiful antique looking purple earrings, that she selected herself. That made her gift extra special. Leo bought me red roses, as well as my mom. I was also blessed with gift cards and money. I really want a jogging stroller, but Joe doesn't want me to use my money in that way. I am so fortunate not to have too many wants, so I am happy to buy a jogging stroller!

Tonight, my parents, sister, Martin and Aria came over for what was suppose to be a surprise. Surprises don't really suit me, so I am happy that Martin and my Mom spilled the beans.  We had a lovely lasagna dinner and beautiful cake. Makes turning older a little sweeter.