Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun!

The kids had a fabulous Halloween. Somerset was the best Dorothy ever, Leo looked great as an Archer, but everyone thought he was Robin Hood, So he just went with that, and our little girl was an adorable lady bug!

The big kids went around the neighborhood. Somerset stole many hearts as Dorothy and Leo was charming as ever. Leo has since sorted and categorized his candy in a million different ways. Jow says this is "Joe Brain."

Leo spews lots of facts about spiders, bugs, Clash of the Clans etc. He is a walking encyclopedia and we are trying to teach him the art of engaging in conversation. He is a fountain of information that never runs dry.

Somerset says balana instead of banana. I am mentioning this because it is so cute that I never want to forget this.

Somerset is loving preschool so much and has best friends, Maya and Ellie. Ellie and Somerset are together constantly. They really love each other, but fight like best friends do.

Somerset has a boyfriend named Christian, He seems really loud and silly, so I can see why she likes him so much.

Rosalie is a dream. She is the easiest baby ever! She has been sleeping through the night, which has been amazing!! It's been about a week. We set he in the bassinet in the play room and she usually stays in t until 5:30.

Dr. Crowley says that she will be intense because she engages in conversations and rolled at such a young age (3 months). She likes to babble to us. She tells Daddy all about her day when he returns from work. She is also starting to enjoy rough play.

I am busy with soap making and selling. Sometimes I wonder how I have enough time to get it all done. Like is good though.....just not quiet. :-)