Saturday, September 24, 2011

Somerset Turns 1!

Somerset's 1 year photo with Joy the Owl. She has grown so much!
I took Somerset for a walk on her actual birthday. She sported her new Hello Kitty sunglasses.
Being presented the cake. She actually didn't get the cake all over her face like I had hoped for.
On her birthday. Looking so pretty!
My Parents
Our friends, the Neps
Evie and Aubrey at the craft table
Mike and Veronica
Daddy assisting Somerset with her new hat. Thanks Nichole!
Nichole and Simon
Becky, Patrick and Arabel
Hello Kitty Cake
G-Pops plays the guitar for Summy
Aunt Tiffy, Uncle Martin and a reluctant Somerset.

Our baby girl isn't much of a baby any longer....she turned 1! We had an amazing birthday celebration with friends and family and even though she didn't know it was her birthday, I think she felt all the love surrounding her.

We had about 30 friends, family and children over and even though our backyard b-b-q bash was moved inside due to the rain, we made the most of the day and had a great time. Our family all chipped in to help feed the masses and we had a delicious meal of ribs, b-b-q chicken, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a Hello Kitty cake. Joe also was proud to serve his home brew, that was gone by the end of the party. Everything was scrumptious.

Somerset was showered with toys and other adorable gifts! She and Leo have been having a blast playing with all her new things. She also received a new car seat and shoes from G-pops and Grandma Paula, a 1st birthday portrait session and diapers from my parents and some generous monetary donations. What a lucky girl!

The best part of the party was getting together with all our friends and family. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and so is Somerset.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Our little boy is growing up so fast! On Thursday, Sept. 8, Leo started preschool at Wee Wisdom. As we imagined. he loves it. His teacher, Mrs. Kepner, says he is awesome and is very involved and good at getting other kids involved with activities as well. In true Leo form, he had no problems leaving mom and day behind, and waved to us happily as he left for class with his teacher and new friends. Leo has already made a new friend Donovan, who is his #1 buddy at preschool. We are so thrilled and proud of our social butterfly!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


All summer, Leo has been taking very good care of his tomato plant and we were worried that there would be no harvest. However, all of Leo's diligence worked out and a tomato has ripened! Yeah!!! Blts for dinner.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Fun!

Pulling herself up!
Harvesting the Hops!

Jameson Park

Summy and Simon. Not the best photo of her, but they are so cute together!
On our way to the chilly coast!


We have had such a great time now that Summer is in full swing in Oregon. We all enjoy being outdoors, especially when water in involved. Last week we went to the coast and today, we went to Jameson Park, which has a water feature that both kids went crazy for. Since it was so hot, the kids had a great time cooling off (as did I). Somerset was very brave in the water and was seated right by a gushing waterfall. She didn't hesitate to have water rushing towards her and had a blast. Leo was laos getting a kick out of running around and splashing.

Somerset's language skills continue to advance. She now says "this" all the time. She uses it when she points to something she is interested. She also says"ddddah" when she sees a dog. Joe has heard her say baby, balloon, night-night and bird as well. Sometimes she will call us mommy and daddy too.

She also is starting to pull herself up from a seated position and can stand while holding onto furniture. Scooting is still the transportation of choice, but she is more interested in getting up on her feet now.

Leo just ended his 2nd session of swim lessons and his confidence is building. He LOVES swim class, so we may need to sign him up for more fun.

Leo starts preschool this week! We are all so excited. Many pictures to follow soon. Leo is super excited to make new friends and I know that he will be a huge hit with his teachers and classmates.

Joe harvested his first hops. He has worked very hard to grow them, so hopefully the beer will be extremely good.