Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happiness is...

They love each other!

Snow angel at the Children's Museum

Leo and Donovan at play

Putting on bunny ears at the museum

Hamming it up for mom
Looking super cool in his Karate gear

We had a great week filled with fun. Leo's preschool had a field trip at the Children's Museum and though we have been there many times, it's always more fun when your best friend is there. Leo and Donovan were stuck like glue the whole time as I tried to keep track of both of my fiercely independent children. We survived, no one was lost and memories were made.

Leo and Donovan are having more and more play dates. I either drop him off at his Grandma's house or he comes over here. The play date without the parent is a new thing to me. I love it though!

Leo continues to amaze me with his math skills. The other day, we were on our way to pick up Joe from work. It was 3:20 pm and his Karate class starts at 4:15 pm. He said, "mom, my karate class starts in 55 minutes." He also can add things like 14+21. He is seriously gifted with math.

Leo started taking Leadership classes at Karate. Leo is a natural born leader and we want to instill this within him. As his parents, we so clearly see this and we always want him to believe in his ability to lead. Nurturing this gift he has been given will help him in every avenue of his life.

He also wants to be the class clown. To a 4-year old, this means that he will sometimes use tasteless humor, that is not pleasing at all to me. There is too much talk about poop and such. Yuck! We do not approve, but I know this is normal.

Leo got a Wii. I was dreading this day, but he "usually" respects our rules. I don't let him play during the day and we limit his time. Leo can tend to become obsessive about things, like his parents do as well, so we have to limit things before they become an addiction.

Somerset is a full blown little girl now. She goes to bed without crying, she sings the ABCs and is almost potty trained. She has #1 down but #2 is an issue. She wears underwear all day, so let's just say that Joe and I have to deal with the gross consequences. All in all, she is doing a great job and I am really proud of her.

Tonight, she and Leo put on a play for us. She called herself the Kissing Kangaroo. She would pretend to put on lipstick and then kiss Leo when he got injured. She is becoming so imaginative and  playing on her own or with Leo more and more.

She is still obsessed with Ballerinas and want to dress like one every single day! We need more tu-tus! I have to admit that it is pretty fun, but I do not like our daily getting dressed struggle. This never happened with Leo. To this day, he really doesn't care what he wears. He wouldn't mind if all his clothes had Legos, Star Wars or Angry Birds related themes, but beyond that, he could care less. He's a simple in bis needs.

She has become so sweet. She often hugs me or Joe and says, "I love you Mommy." It is coming from such an honest place and it melts my heart. She will also caress my face and hair. She is so gentle and nurturing. She can be feisty to. She is in love with Donovan and says that he is her best friend.

Things have been great. Joe and I both are loving our DIY interests. Beer and soap, soap and beer. We are working HARD to get rid of our last debt, Joe's student loan. That is our main goal and when that is put to rest, we will have one amazing celebration!!!!