Monday, September 24, 2012

Somerset turns 2!

Somerset is now 2 and we had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday. We started the festivities by giving her lots of extra special attention. She had her photos taken in her beautiful birthday dress (compliments of my mom: dress and photos). We then spent the night with Aunt Tiffy and Uncle Martin having cake and spoiling Somerset with gifts. She was showered with kitchen goods, a tea pot set, a doll that goes potty and clothes. She was very happy playing and showing us how much she loves her new things.

On Saturday, we headed to Newport to spend the day with G-Pops, Grandma Paula, Uncle Aaron and his girlfriend Maryam. It was so great to get away for a bit and it's always fun to be with family. We played, ate, visited the aquarium and the kid's loved spending time with family at the beach. FUN!!!

I am still having a difficult time grasping that Somerset is 2. It is so wonderful seeing her grow into such a fun, sweet, spunky little girl, but the baby is gone. She is a kid now. She talks (although we don't really understand all of what she says). She has her own interests: Caillou mainly. I think she is in love. She loves pretending she is me. She will grab a purse, perhaps a baby doll and wave goodbye to everyone. Yes, she is a girl on the go. She is in love with Leo and will often imitate him. The kids have a deep love for each other. Their bond in strong and I hope it stays that way for life. Somerset also has a deep love for us. She wants nothing more than to be close to me or Joe. I cherish hugging her Fuzzy head. I love the thickness of her chubby arms, which look just like mine.  I see so much of myself in her, which I never saw in Leo. It is strange, but wonderful. I just love how she fits into our family. She made Leo a brother, she made Joe fall in love again and she has stolen my heart. We are so lucky to have this amazing little girl in our lives.

Happy Birthday my little French Fry!