Sunday, October 4, 2015

Somerset Turns 5!

My sweet family is growing up so fast! My Somerset shot up this Summer and not only does she have long, lean legs, can sing like an angel and swim like a fish, she is now 5! She wants to be a pony trainer, is learning to read and loves anything creative! She is an amazing artist and has quite the flair for fashion. She is 5 going on 15 and has really become quite a sweet, good girl. She still has her dramatic moments, but all in all, she has been a very good girl who loves preschool, her friends and baby sister.

Somerset had a great birthday, which is awesome since she has talked about her birthday for the past few months. Her birthday weekend started with a trip to gt her nails done and shopping with grandma, followed by a trip to the circus with Ellie! What fun the girls had!

Her birthday was a My Little Pony event with Rarity taking center stage. We had a pin the tail on the pony game, a pinata (big blue high heel), and a face painter! The kids all seemed to have a good time and Somerset received so many wonderful gifts: A headband kit, a make your own pillows, Beados, clothes etc.

Rosalie is now walking! She walks slow and methodically, but it is walking none the less. The beginning of October marks her adventures on 2 feel. She also loves books now and counts as she turns pages.

She also has started saying "ut-oh," which is one of my favorite baby phrases. She also pants like a dog and loves books. She brings me books all the time to read to her. She can also get a book when we ask her to,  so she is beginning to understand simple command.

Leo has started getting picked on for his height. This breaks my heart!