Tuesday, December 23, 2014

So Many Firsts!

So much has happened. To start with, Leo earned his Jr. Black Belt. This HUGE goal has been in the making for 3 long years, and Leo is the only kid in the history of his studio to reach Jr.Black Belt. He will be a full Black Belt in a few years. He has also advanced to an Intermediate Sparring class. Go Leo!!!!

Somerset had her first preschool Christmas performance. She sang a bunch of Christmas song and was exceedingly cute. Plus, I managed to get the cutest photo of her and her best friends....3 adorable friends.

Somerset has really turned a corner and is behaving so well. I am very proud of her! She is so smart and creative. She doesn't always like to do what she is told, but she has been really stepping up her gane as a big sister nd good girl.

Rosalie loves to eat!!! She is an eating monster and seems to love everything I give her. I have also been feeding her twice a day for the past 2 days.  She also grabs things like crazy...including our faces. She is intense and determined, without exhibiting the same frustration that Leo did. She is a real dream!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Time!

Where has the time gone? I feel so negligent in not updating more often, but with three kids and a small business, I am one busy Mama. Things have been good though.

Our Rosalie is a joy! She has come to several soap events with me this year and she is a real crowd pleaser. Everyone falls in love with her and people are constantly commenting on what a good baby she is. She has the best temperament ever. She goes with the flow, is generally happy unless she is tired, hungry or sick and is all around lovely. She is definitely the family baby and we all are madly in love with her. Having Rosalie join the family was the best decision we have ever made.

Rosalie continues to roll, She likes to sit in her Bumbo and grab for hanging things in her play gym. Sh loves her brother and sister and likes to smile and laugh with them. She also loves rough play with Daddy and will tell him all about her day when he gets home from work.

We started feeding her at 5 months. She hasn't really gotten the hang of it, but seems to enjoy food so far. He first food was sweet potatoes, followed by pears, apples and green beans.

Rosalie has he best eyebrows! They are so expressive. She also has beautiful blue eyes that I hope she will keep.

The only challenge with Rosalie is that she likes to be held almost all the time. She goes to bed around 8 p.m. and wants to be held until we take her in the bed with us. Because Somerset shares a room with her, we  don't have as much freedom to let her cry it out.

Somerset continues to love preschool. She is very good at making friends and is very social. She wants to have play dates everyday. Her best friends are Ellie and Maya and she really likes a boy named Christian from her class  and declares that she will marry him someday.

She continues to be very creative. She likes crafts and helping Mommy decorate the mantel for holidays. Her penmanship is also much better than Leo's was at the same age.

Leo continues to love school. I worry a little about what he is exposed to and want him to stay little and innocent forever. h seems to make friends with the good kids and is bothered by the naughty kids.

He will be getting his Jr. Black Belt on December 16th! This is over 3 years in the making and we are so proud. He has changed so much since he started and is such a model student! Go Leo!

I continue to stay busy with the soap business and Joe still is passionate about brewing. Never thought we'd be so DIY!!!

I will try to update more, but in the meantime, life is good!!!