Tuesday, December 23, 2014

So Many Firsts!

So much has happened. To start with, Leo earned his Jr. Black Belt. This HUGE goal has been in the making for 3 long years, and Leo is the only kid in the history of his studio to reach Jr.Black Belt. He will be a full Black Belt in a few years. He has also advanced to an Intermediate Sparring class. Go Leo!!!!

Somerset had her first preschool Christmas performance. She sang a bunch of Christmas song and was exceedingly cute. Plus, I managed to get the cutest photo of her and her best friends....3 adorable friends.

Somerset has really turned a corner and is behaving so well. I am very proud of her! She is so smart and creative. She doesn't always like to do what she is told, but she has been really stepping up her gane as a big sister nd good girl.

Rosalie loves to eat!!! She is an eating monster and seems to love everything I give her. I have also been feeding her twice a day for the past 2 days.  She also grabs things like crazy...including our faces. She is intense and determined, without exhibiting the same frustration that Leo did. She is a real dream!!!

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