Tuesday, February 24, 2015

She says Mama!

Right as she turned 8 months, she figured out how to say "mama," Sweet girl! Loving hearing her say this, even if she is usually trying to get me to pick her up.

She also continually waves at people, a skill she is trying to master.

Love her!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

8 Months Old Today!

The 2 Elsas! Besties!

The Valentine's Gift

Rosalie is 8 months old! How can this be? She is so sweet and fun and is the best addition to our family ever. She doesn't crawl yet, but she rolls all over, pivots around on her stomach, launches herself from her bumbo seat into the crawl position, and runs circles around her activity gym. She is definitely a girl on the move.

She now waves (sometimes) and is attempting to say Mama, but still not legit. She  seems to like people. She will smile coyly and then bury her head into mom/dad's shoulder. She is very charming and beautiful!

She perks up when she hears the theme song to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. She also loves nothing more than when Daddy comes home from work. She lights up!

She is also an eating monster. she eats massive amounts of food, and often. She is still a petite little thing, but has formed the most adorable booty.

Somerset is already breaking hearts. She came home with a sizable valentines' gift and card from a boy named Kian from her preschool class. It is a pink unicorn and he hand selected it for her....job well done. Even though she loves her unicorn, she has explained that she will not marry Kian.

Somerset remains very creative, loving her newest messy craft, kinetic sand. She draws amazingly well and is so smart,creative and funny!

Leo had a great review during our conference with his teacher. She had nothing but amazing things to say bout Leo and his progress. He is well above his peers in math and reading, but he also seems to grasp bigger concepts than other kids. She is quite impressed with our little boy, as are we.

Leo's current obsessions are the world atlas and football.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adadada! (First Word)

So many fun things are happening in our family. The baby is changing right before our eyes. She is still very much our baby, but she is very interactive. She even said her first word, "Dada", which sounds like"adadada." At first, I thought it was a fluke, but she would only say it when Joe held her or when she was trying to get his attention. Super cute. She also seems to understand a lot of words like milk, eat, Rosalie. She can sit by herself for extended periods of time, but she usually will fall over eventually.

Somerset is sweet as sugar right now. She seems to be over that temporary naughty stage she as going through after the baby was born. Se is a great big sister too and makes the baby laugh more than anyone else. She is quite the artist and amazes me with her art, which improves everyday. She whines a lot, as I think most girls her age do and she doesn't like to help clean, but other than that, she is a joy. 

She does the cutest thing when I say goodnight to her. She get under all the blankets and says. "Open it up...turn it around," It is her. I love it every single time.

I had my first teacher conference and Somerset received rave reviews from her teacher Miss Toni, who said she is a model student.

Leo is currently obsessed with his Atlas. He knows all the state capitals and is trying to learn all he can about countries. He continues to amaze me with his intellect and confidence. As always, he has a mischievous side and tries to get away with what he can, but he has a heart of gold!