Monday, March 23, 2015

9 Months! 4 and a half! Almost 7!

Well, it continues to happen: Rosalie is getting even cuter! 9 months old and her hair is thicker and longer, her eyes remain blue and her disposition improves. Our big girl still doesn't crawl, but he is close. She also moved into big sisters room and they have bunked together for 2 nights now!

I have been agonizing over Leo's education. He is so far ahead in math (512 x 6 in his head as an example). I wish he could be in a special school! I wish we could afford the best schools out there, but we can't. In the meantime, he is not being challenged much, but he LOVES school, so that is the good news.

Leo is obsessed with countries, especially the Scandinavian ones. He has a friend named Lucas in school whose Mom is fro Denmark and he wants to learn all about Denmark. He is also interested in Sweden and Switzerland. 

Somerset loves playing Mommy. She has a baby named Rosa Belle. Her babies sleep a in all day long, and every once in a while, a new baby pops out of her stomach. She currently has a baby doll, a hedgehog and a pony as children. She mostly fixes their hair and then tucks them in bed.

I wish I ould seal this moment in time. I know I will look back and long for these days, but in the midst of it, they are exhausting. I do love being a mom and feel so clessed to have these 3 amazing children. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birthday Fun!

I don't enjoy getting older, but I sure enjoy overnight trips to the beach. Joe surprised me with a night away to our favorite place, Pacific City. We love the Inn at Cape Kiwanda and getting away with Rosalie for the night was just what I needed. The big kids were super happy to have the day/night with Grandma.

Rosalie loved being the only child, and was quite the popular baby, making friends everywhere she went. To top the fun, it was the best weather! We have had an unseasonably warm winter and it was a good 60 plus degrees. I was in Heaven and so were Joe and Rosalie.

Our baby had her first big cold, as did Somerset. she was a grumpy baby, but she got better in tie for our trip and I never got sick...yeah!

We call our baby Rollsalie, because she rolls and pivots to get cute.

Leo is obsessed with Sports and still loves geography. Joe emails him every morning fro work with a new state. Leo loves knowledge. Tonight at dinner, he asked if JFK had been with a women beside Jackie. Yikes! He's been reading his book about U.S. Presidents.

Somerset is so sweet to Rosalie. She likes to read her stories and make her laugh. She is also hilarious, smart and spunky. She has been drumming on everything. I have signed her up for tap dancing with her 2 bffs, Ellie and Maya.

We are busy. busy, busy!!! Life is good.