Thursday, April 17, 2014

So Much to be Proud of

Our little ones sure make us proud. Let's start with our first born:

Leo: He literally had his mom and teacher crying at his teacher conference...tears of joy! I confessed that I didn't feel his preschool teacher appreciated him and she so saddened by this. She said she is not suppose to have favorites, but that Leo was one of her favorite students ever and that he is very special and she foresees his doing amazing things in life. I agree whole heartily. Our boy impresses us more and more each day, He is reading Magic Tree House chapter books (2nd grade level). He easily adds problems like: 453 + 513 in his head. He understands multiplication and division instinctively.

I have been focusing on doing 30 minutes with of homework with him in exchange for 30 minutes phone time (Clash of the Clans). He either reads with me or does math. I am guessing that he is easily at a second grade level with his math and reading knowledge and he just keeps growing exponentially with his knowledge. I am continually amazed by his intelligence, sensitivity and generous spirit. He is so funny, charismatic, confident and loving. I feel beyond blessed to have him as my son.

Somerset: Our Somerset has blossomed. She is so funny, creative, smart and spunky. She is play-doh obsessed. She will watch video demos on play-doh for hours. She creates play-doh fashions for her dolls, makes cupcakes, cookies etc. She is also great at pretend play. Dr. Somerset takes great care of Daddy and offers him coffee with sugar and tea. She also like to play sick kitty where she plays vet to the sick kitty (Daddy or Mommy).

She loves teasing Leo about girlfriends and has no shame about liking boys and wanting to kiss the and get married. Potential suitors include Donovan, Lee and Braden. She also has become good friends with Simon, who she enjoys playing house with.

Somerset loves the movie Frozen. She does a very special Frozen Dance to "Let it Go" and delights us all. She also likes to dress up like a princess and often sports a tiara and princess dress at church.

Her drawings continue to be amazing! She has a real knack for drawing people and they always bring a smile to our face. Note to self: Take more photos of her amazing drawing!!!

Every morning, Joe has been writing an email to the kids. Somerset's often has an animated gif of a My Little Pony. She loves this. She is also still very much into My Little Ponies and even does a Fluttershy voice. 

Rosalie: Rosalie is also making us very proud. A few weeks back, I measured 1 centimeter smaller, so Dr. Krishna ordered another ultrasound (30 weeks).  The good news is, Rosalie measured at 72% (3 pounds and 5 ounces) and is thriving. She also appears to have some luscious locks. Her her was waving in the her amnioyic fluid, so I will be sure to bring a brush to the hospital.

I have been having crazy pregnancy dreams. They are always so vivid and are not always, but often filled with anxiety. I think a lot of it is just wanting to feel fully prepared for her arrival. I am looking forward to those ending!

She seems to be a gentle and sweet baby. She never has hurt me and she is active, but not aggressive with her movements. She doesn't like when I ever get too much on my belly when I am sleeping. She is always sure to kick me when I have made her uncomfortable. We can't wait to meet her.