Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Fun!

Pulling herself up!
Harvesting the Hops!

Jameson Park

Summy and Simon. Not the best photo of her, but they are so cute together!
On our way to the chilly coast!


We have had such a great time now that Summer is in full swing in Oregon. We all enjoy being outdoors, especially when water in involved. Last week we went to the coast and today, we went to Jameson Park, which has a water feature that both kids went crazy for. Since it was so hot, the kids had a great time cooling off (as did I). Somerset was very brave in the water and was seated right by a gushing waterfall. She didn't hesitate to have water rushing towards her and had a blast. Leo was laos getting a kick out of running around and splashing.

Somerset's language skills continue to advance. She now says "this" all the time. She uses it when she points to something she is interested. She also says"ddddah" when she sees a dog. Joe has heard her say baby, balloon, night-night and bird as well. Sometimes she will call us mommy and daddy too.

She also is starting to pull herself up from a seated position and can stand while holding onto furniture. Scooting is still the transportation of choice, but she is more interested in getting up on her feet now.

Leo just ended his 2nd session of swim lessons and his confidence is building. He LOVES swim class, so we may need to sign him up for more fun.

Leo starts preschool this week! We are all so excited. Many pictures to follow soon. Leo is super excited to make new friends and I know that he will be a huge hit with his teachers and classmates.

Joe harvested his first hops. He has worked very hard to grow them, so hopefully the beer will be extremely good.

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