Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rosalie Makes Five!

Right Before the c-section

Oh my goodness! What a relief! I always worried that loving the 3rd as much as my first boy and girl would be tough. But Rosalie came into our world and we were all in love right from the start. What a perfect angel she is and although her birth has come with challenges, I feel so blessed to have her in our lives.

Our sweet Rosalie Jane was born at 8:05 a.m., weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces and was a lanky 20 inches. My c-section went smoothly, but I as nervous as heck. The anesthesiologist was so sweet and talked with me and Joe the whole procedure. I felt very cold and shaky, which ws a new experience for me, but I was just so excited to meet Rosalie. Dr. Krishna and Dr. Davis were very comforting as well. They spoke to me through the procedure and assured me that all was well.

When Rosalie was born, she cried for a few minutes and then quieted down...was this really my kid!!! Joe said she was so beautiful and I cried. He also said she looked just like Somerset, which made me so happy too. Rosalie was able to hang with me for a few minutes before Joe and her went to recovery, and I was so thrilled for that.

Rosalie breast fed like a champ. She was so calm and sweet and I already sensed her temperament was unique from her brother and sister....calmer and more easy going, a sweet soul. I loved her instantly!

My time at the hospital was rough. The care I received was amazing. The nurses were the best and loved the basket of handmade soap I brought as gifts. Nurse Emily said that Rosalie was the type of baby that made her want more babies and a few of the nurses admitted that she was especially cute.

Unfortunately, I had a 2 day headache and quite a bit of pain this time. It makes me happy that I will not miss the chance to do this again. A sour taste in my mouth about this recovery is probably the best thing for me. I got mastitis on day 6 as well and the nipple soreness is off the charts painful when she latches.

The kids adore her, but Somerset is having sibling rivalry issues. She has also been acting out, where as Leo has been  stepping it up. Summy is so sweet to Rosalie, always wanting to brush her hair, kiss her and pick out her clothes, but to us, she has been very disagreeable. We are working on it though. The kids also overstimulate the baby. They always want to touch her, kiss her, wave toys at her. It is crazy how in her face they are, but it's because they love her.

All in all, I feel so blessed. To have this beautiful, perfect child at 40 is amazing.I think everyday will get a bit easier as we all adjust to being a family of five. I like how that sounds!

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