Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Day Before you were Born

  The day before you were born was gorgeous! The weather was as perfect as can be. Your Mommy kept as busy as possible the whole week. Today, I went to the gym...crazy, I know! I worked out until the day before you were born because I felt so good being pregnant with you. I also painted my nails bright pink at Kristen's house (Mommy's good friend), you will meet her soon. I had one last appointment with Dr. Krishna and she is so excited to meet you too! We brought your sister and brother to Aunt Tiffy and Uncle Martin's house while we went out for a delicious Indian dinner (Mommy's favorite!). I am still stuffed as I am writing this

Your older brother kept saying all day, "I cant believe that Rosalie will be here tomorrow." He always says that you will be the cutest baby ever. He already loves you and considers you part of the family. He is an amzaing brother and you are so lucky!

Your big sister is excited to meet you too. She tells everyone she meets that she will be a big sister soon and s very proud of this distinction. She is a bit jealous that she will no longer be the only girl and has been very clingy and needy wanting Mommy to hold her and stay in bed with her. She will be a fantastic big sister and you will love her very much.

Your Mommy and Daddy are so anxious to meet you! We dream about what you will look like and what type of person you are. We can't believe tomorrow is almost here.We have so much love in our hearts and already love you more than you can ever imagine Rosalie Jane. Welcome to the family...we love you!

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