Friday, May 23, 2014

35 Weeks

I need to take some pregnancy photos. I promise to make a full report on Rosalie Jane. She is moving a ton. Not kicking so much, but shifting weight and moving as she can. Unfortunately, I measured small again! Despite my best efforts at eating icre cream and chocolate chip cookies, I can not will my stomach to get bigger. Rosalie moves often, so I know she is alive and I hope she is well, but I have another 6 days until the ultrasound to hope that all is well. The big scare is that if she is measuring small, I would have to have her early, which I don;t want to do.

The kids are well. Somerset was kissed by a boy at the gym yesterday....uggg! Joe and I explained to her that she is too young and it is not ok for boys to kiss her yet. I can't believe I am having this conversation with my three year old.

Leo was having a rough behavioral spell,but he seems back on track. We are so grateful. He is doing so well in Karate and tee-ball and seems to be quite the athlete.

We are all so excited to meet Rosalie. She is such a mystery to us. The kids both adore her and love her and consider her part of the family already. Somerset tells everyone that she is going to be a big sister and Leo always talks to my stomach and coos over how cute she is.

I have been participating in farmer's markets every week. It has kept me busy with soap making...almost daily. I am getting very consistent and hardly ever have mishaps. I am really in business now.

Joe continues to brew....a lot! He still loves his "hobby."

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