Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1 Month Old and 10 Year Anniversary

Anniversary gift from e to Joe

Is there a better way to celebrate a 10 year anniversary than with a new baby? Isn't she the ultimate expression of our love and commitment to one another? Joe and I were able to celebrate for an hour, sans kids, at a new restaurant in downtown Beaverton called Watson Hall. It was great. We then picked up Rosalie and continued our date at the mall. Maybe not the most romantic of anniversaries, but one of the most memorable.

Joe gave me the most beautiful black pearl earrings, which I have work every day. I made him the family sign seen above and bought him beer (in aluminum), and a 10-year aged bourbon. All in all, a very nice anniversary.

Rosalie is growing like a weed! Comparing her 1 week photo to her 1 month photo was startling. She is huge! She is still long and lean, but she is getting chubbier. She is also going through an awkward stage where she is losing her hair and getting baby acne. It's no wonder her skin is affected....she is always in a baby carrier with her face smacked u against me. We are both always sweating and smelling of sour milk.....yuck! She remains a sweet baby, but is a bit more fussy. She is a light sleeper and wakes up ealiy during the day. She seems to prefer sleeping in the carrier during the day. She usually gets up once a night to eat. It is not impossible for me to deal with this, but I do miss sleeping through the night.

Somerset and Leo have been doing well considering how much time we spend at home. Summy still loves play-doh, ponies and "watching kid's cooking shows," which are actually just play-dog demos on You Tube.

Leo loves Legos ans is obsessed with Star Wars Legos and Mini Figures. He also has taking quite the liking to American Ninja Warrior.

I have been lucky to have my mom take the older kids on adventures about once a week, which really helps. Theu have a great time with Grandma.

All in all, life is good. Looking forward to getting back into my normal routie, but trying to savor these newborn days.

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