Wednesday, April 7, 2010

15 Weeks Pregnant

Our little dude in utero needs a little blogging tlc. It seems that the stereotype about the first born is true. Leo gets all the attention and I want to put a stop to that and share the wealth of our love.

Our little guy/girl is doing great. Of course there is really nothing new to report, but at 15 weeks pregnant, I feel great (finally)! I felt sick for so long, that it's been great to enter my second trimester. I have energy and have been going to the gym 5 day s a week. I also have gotten over morning sickness and food aversions. I have also just started gaining weight and am up 3-4 pounds. As for the belly, I look extremely bloated and although I think I am starting to look a bit pregnant, no one would dare ask.

The worst part of the pregnancy is not knowing the gender. It is harder to connect having no idea what we are having and although we have discussed names a bit, until we know gender, we don't want to fall in love with any particular name. We only have another 5 weeks, so hopefully we can wait. I have convinced myself that we are having a boy, but for no concrete reason, we will just have to wait and see.

I was also so happy to buy the new baby his/her first article of clothing. It is a Christmas onsie that says "ho, ho, ho!," and would be perfect for a girl or a boy.

Leo has been cuter than ever. Yesterday, when I was leaving for work, he said, "bye mommy, miss you, drive safe," followed by a big kiss. Of course he is just mimicking what Joe usually says, but he sounded like such a little man. It may have been the cutest thing he has ever said to me. He also voluntarily says "I love you," and asks for hugs and kisses. This is what we have been waiting for as parents and it's the best!!!

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15 weeks said...

Yeah it’s true. The worst thing while being pregnant is not knowing the gender but most of the people say that we can know about the genitals when we are 15 weeks pregnant. I don’t know how far is that true. My husband has started buying small little toys and his sleeping crawler.15 weeks pregnant