Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Leo!

Leo had the best 2nd birthday a little boy could hope for! The day started off great with a portrait session at JCP. The photos turned out so adorable and I can't wait to post them. Of course, Leo was all smiles.

After photos, we went to the Toys R Us and let Leo spend $20 worth of Birthday money. He bought a few cars a a junior golf club set. Have I mentioned that he is obsessed with golf?

After his nap, the rest of the family came over. In addition to mommy (me), daddy and Grandma Laurel, we also had Aunt Tiffy, Uncle Martin, Grandma, and Grandad come over. We ate quiche, potato salad, and other goodies. Next Leo opened presents. Leo was so spoiled with gifts. With every gift he opened, he would ask, "cars?" Luckily, he did receive many awesome cars, along with books, clothes, coloring books etc. Leo was basking in the glory of his special day and loved all his presents. After presents, we played golf outside for a while, chit chatted and had fun watching Leo play. It was a gorgeous day, so we wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. After play, we finished with cake.....yummmy!!!! For a second year in a row, Leo opted for a Cars cake. At least the boy knows what he likes.

We finished the day with a trip to the grocery store. This may sound boring, but now that Leo is officially 2, he gets to go to playland while we shop. This is a play area in the store that is attended to by a store employee. Leo has been begging to play there every time we go shopping, but because he wasn't 2 yet, it wasn't permitted. In a way, this was a 2-year old right of passage. The lady who watched him said that he was the most confident 2-year old she had ever met. Cool!

All week, we have had Grandma Laurel in town. Leo adores her and they are best buddies. She is so good at playing with him, so he always asks for "grandma too," or "grandma come" indicating for her to play with him. He is really going to be heart broken when she leaves ( I think she will be too).

For the first time today, Leo said "I'll miss you," when Grandma L and I left to go to the store. It was the sweetest thing ever! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful 2-year old.

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