Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby on the WAY!!!!

I have a HUGE announcement! Joe and I will adding another little one to our family. I am now 12 weeks along and the baby is due September 26. So far, everything looks great with the baby. We heard the baby's heartbeat and got a ultrasound photo of our cute little blob! The pregnancy came as a surprise, so we feel extremely grateful and blessed.

So far, the pregnancy has been much more difficult than with Leo. I had horrible morning sickness, fatigue and severe food aversions. With Leo, the pregnancy was so easy that I questioned many times if I was actually pregnant, but the second time around has proven to be much different. It is all worth it though!

I will start posting photos of my growing belly too. I am just starting to show, so that is fun, however, I just look bloated.

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Marcie said...

Congratulations, Shelly! You know what all the morning sickness means, don't you?!?! You're having a baby girl this time! ;-)