Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too Much Fun!

Leo and his toddler friends celebrate
their 2nd birthday's together!

Leo's "date," Evie, is sitting next to him
This kid is BRAVE!
Never to early to learn a good work ethic
Face painting at its best!
Feeding chickens with Lorenzo and Marcy

Leo has had nothing but fun over the last week. Last Thursday, I took him to the Portland Children's Museum with the annual pass my parents gave him for his birthday. He LOVED it! He had so much fun that I took him 2 days in a row! His favorite feature is the digging pit with shovels, buckets and construction trucks, but he also loves the interactive water exhibit, the train table and the face paint. We had a blast!

Leo also visited his friend Lorenzo and was able to help feed their pet chickens. That provided endless fun for both boys who have similar dispositions. So cute!

Joe took Leo to the play group's 2nd birthday party and Pump it Up Jr. Unfortunately I had to work, but apparently Leo had a great time. He fearlessly climbed all the tallest slides and bounced around like a crazy man in the bouncy rooms. He was not at all cautious like most of his toddler peers. What a dare devil.

On Sunday, I celebrated my 36th birthday. The day was super low-key, but it was nice to sleep in, get flowers and go out to dinner for beef brisket and the fixings. The Oscars were on that night, so Joe and I watched them. My big treat will be to get some new sunglasses in a few weeks! Yeah!

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Carrie said...

He is so cute I can hardly stand it!!!!!