Thursday, March 4, 2010

All Smiles!

Leo's New Jammies
Our Young Scholar
This is my Happy Boy
It's been a while since I have taken photos of Leo, but he looked so cute and grown-up yesterday, so I decided to break out the camera. He can now say cheese to the camera, so I may be able to get him to start posing a bit.

Leo's language skills are building daily. He now uses simple sentences and can communicate almost any thought to us. This makes things a lot less frustrating for everyone.

Our biggest problem with Leo is the amount of time he sleeps at night. He is usually asleep by 8:30 pm and wakes up at 6 a.m. (sometimes earlier). Most toddlers his age sleep 12 hours straight, but like most things with Leo, he never follows the rules. In the morning. He will start calling for me. When I enter his room, he beams, "good morning!" At that point, I know there is no way he is going back to bed. He usually naps for 2 hours in the middle of the day, so I nap with him, which is one of my greatest pleasures in life.

Today I am taking him to the Portland Children's Museum. My mom bought us annual passes for Leo's birthday, so we are going to take advantage of the gift early. More photos to follow!


Joemo said...

Good looking kid you've got there!

Marcie said...

Leo is absolutely adorable!!! I wish we still lived in Portland so we could get our little ones together. Does our old playgroup still meet? I wanted to ask... what book is that Leo is reading? Annika has one called 100 First Words that looks almost exactly like that one, but I see your pictures are different. I'd love to get Annika another one like it if there's a new one! 100 First Words used to be her favorite book, but she's knows all the words now, so she's lost interest. ;0)