Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Room fit for a very Lucky Toddler Boy

On Saturday, we had a huge milestone with Leo. We transitioned his room from a baby's nursery in to a toddler's playland, complete with a toddler bed. He LOVES his new bed and after 3 nights, he has done fairly well. The first night, we had to go into his room twice to put him back in bed, which was a relatively easy start to the transition. The following night was even easier, but last night was quite the challenge for Joe (I was at work). Since the Season premiere of Lost's 6th a final season is tonight, we are crossing our fingers that Leo doesn't decide to get out of bed and play. Although it is amusing to walk into the room and see a half asleep little boy playing with his train table. Also, his train table makes sound effects, so he is not fooling anybody when he decides to escape from his bed.

I am so proud of Leo for taking such a big step, but it makes me realize how much he has matured. He uses simple sentences all the time now and is learning the letters of the alphabet. He also has some new favorite books. He loves his 4 pack set of Thomas books (A Crack in the Track is his favorite), along with Goodnight Moon.

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