Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Boy

Leo has now been in his toddler bed for a few weeks and although he is doing ok, we have had a few challenges. Although he goes to bed fairly easily, the other night he kept leaving his bed to go under his rocking horse to fall asleep. After finding him under the rocking horse twice, we went in a third time and he was completely passed out under the comfort of Butterscotch. It was cute, but very strange.

The other night at 12:30 a.m., Leo was calling "Joe" (he only yells "joe" when he wants Joe to come to him because that is what I do, otherwise, it's always daddy) and when Joe walked in the room, Leo said "good morning!" He was so excited and had no idea it was still the middle of the night.

Leo got a new pair of Car shoes today in size 7. He has declared that "McQueen is cool." Also, much to our dismay, he has become fascinated by bad guys. We have explained to him that we are all good guys in this family and don't like bad guys.

Leo continues to learn numbers, letters, colors and shapes through educational dvds I get from the library. I figure he might as well be learning something during television time.

We are very blessed that Leo is so healthy and rarely gets sick. He is still a picky eater, but he has such an abundance of energy, that he must be thriving. He can be sweet and affectionate and is a very good kisser and hugger now. We are so lucky!


Carrie said...

Shelly, he is so beautiful! He always has been, but he is starting to look like such a big boy now! Maybe it's the new haircut. ;-)

Anonymous said...

These photos of Leo are really cute. He does look like a big boy now, and I do think it's the haircut.