Thursday, December 25, 2008

Leo's 1st Christmas

Leo and Butterscotch

Leo and Elmo share similar expressions!

What a cute face!

The stripey trio - Shelly, Kim and Barry

Uncle Martin, Aunt Tiffy and Leo

We had a great 1st Christmas with Leo! As with most days, we had an early start at 6 a.m. Joe had put together his new horse, Butterscotch (compliments of Joe Sr. and Grandma Paula), the night before. We took Leo into the living room and presented him with the horse and he was very pleased. Next, we helped Leo open his presents and he had a great time trying to eat the wrapping paper.

If I could make a theme for this year's Christmas, it would be called "a very Elmo Christmas", because almost every gift was Elmo related. The Sesame Street Corp. is making a killing off our family! Leo didn't disappoint though, and gifted us with huge smiles for every Elmo toy he received. He also received a new outfit and ride-in car from Great Grandma Naomi, a baseball outfit from Grandma Rita, a red hoodie and Elmo drum from Grandma and Grandad Cleveland, a bunch of cute clothes and a toy walker/car from Craig, Lauren and Tegan and a ton of Elmo stuff from us. Leo was definitely the star of this year's Christmas. Joe and I did pretty well too.

We spent most of the day playing and relaxing and then went to my parents house for an early dinner of ham with all the fixings. Yummy! While there, we watched Kim and her boyfriend Barry swing dance and played Taboo. Leo was mezmerized by the dancing and wanted to join in on the fun. Unfortunately, we had to leave just when things were getting really fun with the game on account of Leo's 7 p.m. bedtime. It was a great day!

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