Wednesday, December 3, 2008 photo with Santa?

Leo hates Santa Claus. It's just a simple fact, but none the less I am very surprised. I took Leo to see Santa three times this week. I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain.

The first time I took Leo was on Monday to Washington Square Mall, which is the local shopping mall. At first, Leo was stoic when he met Santa, but the session ended with him pulling on Santa's beard and then bursting into tears. He didn't crack a smile in the photos, which is very unlike Leo. I thought perhaps I would have better luck if we returned with Daddy and a toy that might persuade him to smile. On Tuesday night, we returned with Daddy and Cookie Monster and even though the Santa was a much better one, Leo immediately started crying when he met him. Today, we decided to try the Beaverton Shopping Center. We thought that maybe this time we would have better luck. Since there were no children waiting to meet Santa, we thought that perhaps if Leo were to get aquaited with Santa before he was placed on his lap, that might be better. No such luck. Leo was more hysterical than ever and even broke out into hives...which only happens when he is under great distress. I felt so sorry for the poor Santa!

Instead of the standard photo with Santa, I may just have to settle for this adorable shot of Leo dressed in his holiday sweater.

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