Friday, December 19, 2008


Wow, what a week it has been. So much has happened, but the big news is that Leo is now officially crawling! It's hard to say exactly when this milestone was achieved because he has been working on this skill for a while, but Joe and I agreed that on Thursday, he was confidently crawling. We are just so proud of him and we can tell that he is proud of himself too. Now we will see what trouble awaits us!

In addition to crawling, Leo is now eating Gerber stage 3 foods, which have chunks. It can set off his gag reflex, but every time he eats, he gets better and better. Leo is a great eater and has been eating 3 times a day for nearly a month.

Leo has started showing us a little more attitude recently. He has temper tantrums and changing his diaper can sometimes be an all out battle. He also has had fits of rage when we take things away from him, get him dressed or clean his face. He sure is a feisty little man.

It has been snowing all week. The weather has been very precarious and my mom stayed with us most of the week because she works much closer to our house than my parent's house. Leo really enjoyed the extra time with grandma and I think she had fun too. Even though the snow was hugely inconvenient, it gave Leo more time to practice his crawling.

Lastly, Leo is teething... again!!! I think he is getting is upper 2 teeth. He has been putting his fingers in his mouth, tugging on his ears and has been fussier than usual. Poor little guy.

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Deanna said...

That's exciting about the crawling! It's definitely a mixed blessing-- you want them to reach those milestones, but as soon as they do, you miss their relative immobility! :-)